Proton Therapy Centers Increase in Numbers Across the Country

From the single swipe of a card that you make when you are filling a car tank with gas to the many times when you make purchases online, there are many times when you rely on the security of technology. For this reason, there are data center locations around the world and computer design engineers…

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What To Expect When You Go In For A DOT Exam

Even as technology automates jobs and completely flips the way companies do business on its head, some industries like trucking still play in an important role in the American economy. Currently, there are about 3.5 million truck drivers in the United States and 8.7 million folks employed by the truck driving industry. Many truck drivers…

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How to Recover From a Drug Addiction

It is an unfortunate fact that many Americans are addicted to hard drugs such as opioids, among others, and this often poses a public health problem. Many adults and even adolescents abuse painkillers for a variety of reasons, and this can greatly strain the abuser’s finances, work life, and personal life, and of course, threaten…

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Technological Tools Taking the Medical Field to Greater Heights

Technology has positively impacted many fields, including the medical industry. It is advisable to embrace technology as it helps reduce burn out effects experienced by physicians. The processes in a clinic are tiring, that statistics have shown that 40% of physicians are usually burned out, with 50% of them being female physicians. Therefore, all clinics…

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A Painful Bike Seat Will Keep You From Exercising Boosting Motivation With A White Leather Bike Saddle

Fitness is a word that sounds different to everyone. To one person it can invoke feelings of passion and thrills, tied closely to their favorite activities of the workweek. To another it can bring back tired memories of worn-out equipment. If you’re among the latter, there’s only one course of action: it’s time to swap…

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