4 Benefits of Occupational Therapy for Seniors

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If you are injured, there are two major therapy methods you can choose, either occupational therapy or physical therapy rehabilitation services. Simply put, a physical therapist will treat a person’s actual injury or impairment, whereas an occupational therapist will be able to treat the impairment in action through methods such as therapeutic recreation and speech therapy.

One demographic that stands to gain many benefits from attending an occupational therapist are seniors. Because this demographic tends to suffer from vision loss, illness, injury, and/or memory loss, occupational therapy can be exceptionally helpful. Here are the major benefits that a senior will receive after attending this specific type of care.

1. They will be able to learn how to overcome daily challenges.

A senior’s debilitating illness can make their daily activities challenging and impossible. Simple things such as putting on their socks and shoes, bathing themselves, and brushing their teeth can be something extraordinarily difficult. Working with a therapist will give them different options by helping them problem-solve for the best option that fits in with their daily life.

2. Preventing falls.

Just because they have an ailment doesn’t mean the senior you love will not be able to be steady on their feet. Occupational therapists will be able to provide the best way a senior can handle themselves to prevent a fall.

3. Modify their home.

There are many health and safety hazards in a senior’s home when they suffer from an illness. An occupational therapist will be able to point out these hazards and provide you with other options that will make a senior’s life easier. Some of these accessories include bathtub benches, grips in the shower, automatic kitchen appliances, and chair lifts so they do not have to go up or down stairs.

4. Better health and well-being

All in all, regularly attending occupational therapy will undoubtedly boost your senior’s well-being on life as they will not be in pain any longer. This will have a positive influence on mental health and health satisfaction, which will go a long way to extending their longevity. Working with an occupational therapist will only lead to health benefits, and an increased happiness.

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