Alternatives To The Emergency Room Know Your Options

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Deciding when you should see a doctor is always difficult. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and scared — perhaps too scared to take the measures you should. This is understandable. But with that being said, you shouldn’t hesitate to go to the doctor as son as you begin feeling the symptoms that could be signals of something worse to come. Certainly, you should have a primary care physician on call. But if you don’t you need to act as quickly as possible. The best way to know which doctor to choose is to look up primary care physician reviews. Primary care physician reviews are a great way of knowing about crucial things like how qualified a doctor is, how professional, and what you can expect from their bedside manner. A primary care physician is going to be a fixture in your life; and it’s important to remember that a primary care physician can be an alternative to going to an emergency room. For that matter, so is an after hours urgent care walk in clinic. Going to a free walk in clinic or your primary care physician rather than an emergency room could be the difference between you spending a lot of money and saving money while receiving a high level of care.

When Should I Visit The Emergency Room?

Of course, there are times when you absolutely need to go to the emergency room. It’s important to know when to go to the emergency room and when to go to a medical walk in clinic or a family health clinic. Obviously, some cases are definite emergencies — these include car accidents, severe lacerations, and injuries sustained from violent attacks of some kind. But with that being said, you should also be in contact with emergency services during times like these. So what are some concrete signs that you should go to the emergency room? Some of the symptoms to look out for are choking and stopped breathing; head injury; electric shock; severe chest pain; a seizure lasting three to five minutes; severe burns or an injury to the neck or spine. However, if the issues do not seem serious enough to warrant an emergency room visit, you may not want to go to the emergency room. A visit to your primary care provider or a walk in clinic could be a better idea.

Why Should I See My Primary Care Physician Versus Going To The Emergency Room?

The fact is that the emergency room isn’t quite as fast-paced as you might think — at least, not for those waiting to be seen. Should your symptoms not be urgent enough, you won’t be prioritized over other patients. While this is understandable, it also means potentially waiting hours to be seen. Should you make an appointment with your primary care physician, you will be seen quickly and efficiently. For that matter, you can know that your doctor will refer you to a specialist or a hospital should your condition be serious. This is also where the primary care physician reviews come in. Thanks to primary care physician reviews, you know who you’re seeing and what you’re getting yourself into. While some emergency room physicians are amazing, others are still training. It depends on which hospital you’re going to, and in very few if any situations can you choose your physician. Seeing a primary care physician simply gives you more control.

Why Should I Visit A Free Walk In Clinic?

An urgent care clinic is an alternative both to a primary care physician and an emergency room. With that being said, some primary care physicians take side jobs at urgent care clinics. An urgent care clinic costs much less than an emergency room visit would. It also tends to happen much faster, and can help people with the same level of care that you would get at many doctor’s offices. Certainly, it should be an option for any and everyone. No matter where you go, however — you need to expect and receive a high level of care.

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