Are You Paying Too Much for Doctor’s Visits? Why Acne Sufferers are Meeting With Doctors Online

Future of telemedicine

Most of us go through it in our teens, but for some people, acne problems can persist well into adulthood. More than 80% of people have at least a brief period of acne breakouts, mostly on the face and back; acne affects more than 40 million Americans. And almost half of all American teens either have acne or scars from acne; while some breakouts do respond well to commercially-available medications, there are some cases where consulting a dermatologist online or in person may be advisable.

The landscape of American health care is undergoing a shift, thanks to new technology that allows patients to be seen by doctors from their homes. Medical videoconferencing, also referred to as “telemedicine,” is set to expand from under 500,000 patients to more than 7 million in the next several years. For example, the best dermatologist for hair loss may be located in a different city from the patient seeking care, and being able to access medical specialists could improve patient satisfaction and levels of care.

About two-thirds of American doctors and other health care professionals are using telemedicine right now or are upgrading their computer equipment in order to be able to start offering the service. Surprisingly, almost 75% of the respondents in a recent survey indicated that they are willing to talk to doctors and to receive diagnoses and medication online. Rural health care consumers may not wish to travel extensively, or patients may find it difficult to get to a doctor’s office during business hours.

People who are faced with severe acne or other skin disorders may be able to benefit from telemedicine as well. Finding the best dermatologist for hair loss due to acne — scarring can sometimes prevent beard or hair growth — may be facilitated by having access to a wider range of dermatologists than the range of local doctors. Telemedicine doctors can also share pictures of patients’ skin conditions with other specialists in the hope of achieving accurate and effective patient diagnoses.

An effective adult acne treatment plan may involve medication or changes in diet. The best dermatologist for hair loss may also be able to treat acne, though some doctors may specialize in a single aspect of patient care, such as skin cancer, hair loss, or other dermatological conditions. Finding the right care — and being able to access it from anywhere in the country — has patients excited to explore the possibilities that come along with using videoconferencing to treat and prevent acne.

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