Are You Tired of Your Husband’s Constant Snoring Keeping You Awake?

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The last three nights have been so restful. Your husband left on Monday afternoon for a business convention and did not return on until late on Thursday night. Although you had never realized how much your husband’s snoring kept you awake. And while his snoring keeps you awake, a little research indicates that the worst part of the situation could be that your husband has sleep apnea that is causing the snoring. This serious sleep disorder can cause major health issues and threats.
Individuals who find themselves waking up countless times at night should consider the possibility that they may have a bigger problem than getting enough sleep. Ignoring these symptoms can be dangerous, and in some cased, even deadly.
Home Sleep Tests Can Help People Determine If They Can Benefit from the Use of CPAP Masks
A home sleep test for sleep apnea can help people avoid more serious health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, exhaustion, and mental health issues. Studies indicate that men are twice as likely to have sleep apnea and that sleep apnea sufferers who do not treat their condition are three times more likely to have heart disease. Although some patients can suffer from sleep apnea without further repercussions, the risk of not treating the condition is great.
Fortunately, if a severe snoring condition is diagnosed as sleep apnea, many treatments are available. While CPAP masks might be the most well known treatments, there are other ways for sufferers to avoid the as many as 60 episodes that obstructive sleep apnea sufferers experience. In some less serious cases of sleep apnea, an increased amount of exercise may actually help lesson the condition.
Working with a sleep expert or a family doctor can help some sufferers find out if a change in exercise or diet will work, or if other treatments are needed. If the condition is more serious, a doctor might recommend the use of one of various types of nasal pillows. A full size CPAP machine is another option. If this is the case, the CPAP machine user may need to test a couple of different sizes and kinds of CPAP masks before they find the most comfortable and most effective style.
Following Directions for the Use of CPAP Masks and Machines Determines the Success of a Treatment
If sleep apnea is diagnosed, it is important to follow the prescribed treatment. The CPAP masks work when they are used. When they are not used, the benefits obviously disappear. Although effective, the CPAP machine and masks take time and commitment. Without consistent use, however, the sufferer can begin to suffer from the initial symptoms again. Unfortunately, studies indicate that nearly 50% of all people who have prescribed CPAP machines stop using them in the first one to three weeks.
In addition to losing the health benefits, when sleep apnea patients quit using the product the way that it is prescribed they may also lose insurance coverage. In fact, for best health results and continuous health insurance coverage, patients should use their CPAP machines and masks at least 70% of the time. this 70% usage must extend over a 30 day period for at least four hours every night.
Sleep apnea is a fairly common diagnosis and the treatment is fairly standard. When the prescribed treatment is closely followed the sufferer will have a decreased chance of high blood pressure, exhaustion, diabetes, and weight gain. Making the decision to follow the doctor’s recommendation can improve a sleep apnea’s health by helping them get more rest avoid other more serious health issues.
Fortunately, sleep apnea supplies are affordable and easily accessible through the internet. Once a sleep apnea patient has decided what kind of mask and machine works best, ordering these supplies online is affordable and fast. Sleep apnea is a condition that is present in nearly 18 million Americans. The fact that one in every 50 Americans suffers from it means that health insurance companies often cover the expense of the diagnosis and the equipment needed to treat it. Does it make sense to suffer and worry from a condition that can be easily diagnosed and treated? Taking the time to evaluate your need for sleep apnea products can improve your health and extend your life.

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