Behind The Growing Role Of The Walk In Clinic

If you’re looking for type of the line medical care, consider a walk in clinic or urgent care enters. After all, the medical walk in clinic is on the rise, and is becoming easier and easier to find than ever before. According to recent data, there are now even well over 7,000 such walk in and urgent care locations found throughout the United States alone. In the years that are ahead of us, this number is only likely to keep growing and growing as time passes on.

After all, the number of people being served by walk in clinics throughout the country has grown to be quite immense. In total, around three million people will be seen in an urgent care location over the course of just one week. The demand at such a medical clinic has become so high that now as many as 20,000 total doctors are employed at such medical facilities all throughout the United States. But what is it, exactly, that makes walk in clinics and urgent care centers so very desirable to so many different people?

For one thing, the average walk in clinic will be open an incredibly extended number of hours. In total, around 85% of all urgent care centers are actually open for business every single day of the week – and often earlier in the morning and later into the evening than some typical doctor’s offices might be. This makes them an ideal place to seek medical care, and one that can fit into just about any schedule out there.

In addition to this, urgent care centers and walk in clinics found all throughout the country have much shorter wait times than the average doctor or even ER. In more than half of all urgent care clinics found throughout the country, the average wait time will actually be no greater than a mere 15 minutes. In addition to this, more than 90% of all walk in clinics and the like will still not boast average wait times that exceed a mere half of an hour, which is still a very short period of time in comparison to an emergency room wait, which is likely to take at least an hour if not even longer before any kind of medical professional is ever even seen.

The types of medical concerns that can be seen and treated in a walk in clinic setting is often also more vast than the average person realizes. But it’s only a fact that less than 5% of all cases seen in the typical walk in clinic or urgent care center will ever need to be transferred to an emergency room for more extensive treatment. Ultimately, this means that going to a walk in clinic will almost always be a better choice than going to a local emergency room – excepting cases of true medical emergency, of course.

But the urgent care center is the place for many. After all, up to 80% of all urgent care centers found throughout the United States are actually even able to both diagnose and treat fractures, something that many people might not even be aware of as a possibility. Ankle sprains, of which there are as many as 25,000 of in just one single day in just this one country alone, are also commonly seen in urgent care centers from one end of the country to the next (and in all the space in between as well, of course).

Various other medical conditions and concerns can also be assessed and then treated in your local walk in clinic. For instance, common infections can be both diagnosed and cured. Ear infections provide just on great example of this, as ear infections are quite hugely common indeed, especially, due to a number of different factors, in many children. Ear infections can be painful, but can also typically be cured by a round of antibiotics. So too can conditions such as UTIs – also known as urinary tract infections, if you are unfamiliar.

Ultimately, going to a walk in clinic instead of an emergency room or more traditional doctor’s office is something that is becoming more and more popular with the passing of time.

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