Can an Urgent Care Center Provide Quality Medical Care?

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From children to adults, no one likes getting sick. On average, a total of about 1 billion Americans suffer from a cold each year. Between 5 to 20% will get the flu depending on the strand of virus that develops year to year. Unfortunately, people tend to feel ill at times that do not coincide conveniently with the average doctor’s office hours. This is when walk in urgent care centers are a good option.

Can I Receive Quality Medical at Walk In Urgent Care Centers?

A person can receive responsive, quality care at their nearest urgent care center. It is nearly always a good idea to first contact your primary care physician, as they will have a current record of your medical history. Of course, most primary physicians have packed schedules, and may not be able to see patients within an acceptable or convenient time frame.

Waiting For an Opening:Why Patients Choose Urgent Care.

Doctor’s offices tend to have predictable hours. These hours frequently occur when people are at work, which can make it very difficult for someone to stop in before going to their job, or before they drop their children off at school. The average urgent care center has one or some of the following benefits: opens earlier in the day; stays open later at night; and is open for a few hours on the weekend.

When Is Urgent Care Open?

The emergency room is infamous for having very long wait times, because it operates on the triage method. This means that the worst cases are seen first, even if they come in after someone else. For patients with a concerning but non-emergency illness or injury, going to the emergency room could take them a couple of hours before being seen by a doctor. Compare that to urgent care, which treats non-emergency illnesses and injuries such as fractures. The average wait at walk in urgent care centers is often less than 60 minutes total.

Going to the doctor is rarely enjoyable. A long wait time can make it worse. The next time you or a family member is ill or injured, and the doctor is unavailable and the emergency room seems to be unnecessary, consider going to the nearest urgent care clinic instead.

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