Common Wheelchair Issues To Look Out For

There are common wheelchair issues that are likely to jeopardize your mobility. Your wheelchair is likely to break down due to a faulty movable part such as the worn-out off road wheelchair tires; hence, moving around becomes a problem. It is at this juncture where wheelchair repair and maintenance services become very mandatory. To ensure the wheelchair comes back to functionality, a wheelchair repair and maintenance expert will be needed to identify and solve the issue at hand. However, as you seek repair services for your wheelchair, there are important points to note. The service company you entrust with this task should be experienced and considerate about the cost. You need a professional to handle the wheelchair repair exercise, so the service company should provide one. Also, you have to consider the quotation for the wheelchair repair and maintenance services. If the service company accepts insurance, that will be one of the best picks for this exercise.

Back to the issues likely to get to your wheelchair. There are a significant number of common issues that you have to be on the lookout for. They include:

Battery Issues

If your high performance wheelchair uses a chargeable battery, encountering battery issues can be a common occurrence. For instance, the battery might require recharging, or it may just be faulty. So, if it is the case of power, you will need to recharge it so that you can continue moving around with your wheelchair. But in the instance where the battery is faulty, then you have to replace it. So you have to find the right vendor for the wheelchair battery to purchase a new one. However, when purchasing a new battery, you have to be extra vigilant. A battery that will serve you for a long time without any issues should be your priority. And that can only be purchased from a reputable vendor. So, take time to assess the various vendors that sell wheelchair batteries and select a trusted one.

Worn Out Parts

As you continue to use your wheelchair, and as time goes by, some parts are likely to be subjected to wear and tear. The wheelchair side guards and off-road wheelchair tires might wear out in the future. So that is a possibility you have to be on the lookout for. That is why you have to ensure your wheelchair is regularly inspected. You get to identify the parts of your folding wheelchair that are wearing out hence replacing them in good time. Failure to do so there will be impending dire consequences. For instance, you are bound to have limited mobility, especially if the wheelchair tires are worn out and hence cannot stir you forward where you are headed to.

But as you plan on replacing your wheelchair side guides, ensure you prioritize quality replacement parts. You might end up with low-quality wheelchair side guards, which also applies to other parts such as arm pads for wheelchairs, bearings for wheelchairs, and shower chair parts. So, getting high-quality replacement parts is something you should always take seriously.

Costly Wheelchair Repair and Maintenance Services

Even though subjecting your wheelchair to regular repair and maintenance services can also turn into a nightmare, especially if you do not have sufficient finances for regular inspections. You are bound to have a wheelchair that can break down easily. Furthermore, there is also the issue of having to incur huge wheelchair repair and maintenance costs. That means you will pay highly to have your wheelchair side guards replaced. But that ought not to be the case always. You can find an affordable service company and have them do the servicing of your wheelchair. Besides, take advantage of your insurance or offers in place to avoid spending highly.


Inspecting your wheelchair regularly will save you from some serious issues, such as battery problems or having worn-out parts. So, you have to ensure your wheelchair gets maintenance services within a considerable time to prevent unnecessary breakdowns, which obviously can be so frustrating. Also, ensure you seek affordable repair and maintenance services. But all in all, the expert you entrust with the task to inspect and repair your wheelchair should be good at it. You deserve to have durable wheelchair side guards, which will only come from a reputable service company.

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