Depressed Patients Are Seeing Results From The Typical Therapy In TMS Los Angeles Offers

Tms for depression

Transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy, or TMS, is used to treat a range of mental conditions ranging from depression to auditory hallucinations or hearing things to Parkinson’s disease. It remains in the testing phase for many conditions but largely is looked upon as a way to address the side effects that many people experience from having depression. Often, for these patients it provides a non medicated answer to their troubles.

Tms therapy is a noninvasive technology that basically causes the brain’s neurons to hyperpolarize or depolarize, depending upon which need is necessary. TMS for depression is utilized through electromagnetic induction, which literally induces weaker electric currents utilizing a magnetic field to attain results. The idea is that parts of the brain are reset without much or any discomfort whatsoever. In most cases, patients who suffer from treatment resistant depression find results using the typical therapy in Tms los angeles has available.

When discussing therapies involving TMS Los Angeles specialists have seen some pretty tremendous results, which they are publishing both in scientific research papers and online through blogging and other online articles. The typical forms of TMS Los Angeles therapists make available have been shown to improve the brain function of certain people with depression and particularly those people who are not seeing success from taking medications or from traditional psychotherapy. The patients they see often report less severe symptoms of depression after a therapy session or two, which lets them come off the drugs they have been on.

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