Do You Know How to Reduce Constant EMF Radiation?

Cordless phone radiation

Do you have trouble sleeping? Most adults do, whether due to stress or poor sleep habits. One tip that is popularly recommended by both doctors and the all-knowing internet is to leave electronics out of the bedroom. Some studies suggested that the screen glare of our phones could impair our natural circadian rhythms which tell us when to sleep and wake. Some experts believe that it is not only the bright lights that can negatively effect our bodies, but the electromagnetic waves these machines put out can be damaging as well.

Electromagnetic waves, or force (EMF for short), are made by the continuous movement of electrically charged particles. Visible light is one such example, as are the waves invisible to our human eyes such as ultra violet waves and sound waves. The reason these ubiquitous waves of energy are considered potentially dangerous is because they are more harmful to cells at a lower level than conventional heating by about a billion times.

There are some frightening statistics surrounding EMF exposure. For example, one 2012 study on male infertility found that a man’s sperm count was decreased after a four hour WI-FI session on their laptop. Another study, this one on children aged eight to 17 who had short-term exposure to EMF were likely to experience an increase in irritability, headaches, and difficulty concentrating in school. Perhaps most concerning is the 30% of increase of “unknown nature” brain tumors since 2008. The “unknown” means it is not listed in the national cancer registry.

You might wonder if EMF shielding is possible, or if there are ways to block EMF. There is one method, known as EMF protection jewelry which is worn at all times because your body is exposed to EMF radiation all the time. EMF protection jewelry might be an especially good method of protecting children from EMF dangers, as they can forget they are wearing it. For adults, EMF protection jewelry may feel a bit clunky, but there are options that may appeal to different lifestyles.

When you toss and turn at night, you might blame a bad day at work, or that afternoon cup of coffee. Do not discount the possibility that something else is at play. Our small appliances surround us everywhere we go, from home to work to the store. And today’s smartphones pump out EMF radiation 24 hours a day because they are left on for 24 hours a day. Our bodies therefore need 24 hour protection.

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