Does Someone You Love Need an Immediate Psychiatric Assessment?

Loud sounds. Again. The sounds that keep your older son up at night.

Even when you go in to try to calm him down, he can easily spiral into a conversation that might start sounding logical, but quickly becomes incoherent.

Last night, when you found him on social media you interrupted hime posting one of his rants:
So what exactly is causing the most stress with everyone to post about loud sounds outside their windows? Is it truly the loud sounds of fireworks or the fact the fireworks were going off this season before some people deemed them acceptable? What I find so funny is we are actually having louder thunder now, not to mention bright lightning, heavy rain, and wind. These sounds and sights from Mother Nature are much louder and brighter than the fireworks that were earlier above the rooftops. Not to mention large airplanes flying over us from time to time. Yet, no one complains about the thunder, the lightening, the planes. Only about the fireworks. I am one of those people.

In your opinion, will people be equally upset and rushing to post their comments when the fireworks are deemed legal in our city later in the summer? Of course they will! Just curious as I am not sure what is more important to everyone, the loud sounds, like Mother Nature is doing now, or the fact fireworks were being set off before you expected them to be? It is a fact people simply like to vent and get their personal issues out on a public forum, so perhaps that is the case for all these comedic postings. At any rate. Something has to give! I just hope it is not my sanity! And the thunder rolls! And the thunder rolls!

To an outsider, your son’s rants may seem almost poetic as he connects Mother Nature, the Fourth of July, and aircraft. To you, however, you realize that this is only the beginning of a spiral that is difficult to stop. At the latest psychiatric assessment your son’s psychiatrist cautioned both your son and you to watch for signs that episodes were beginning. And while you congratulate your self for recognizing the indicators, you fear what these next few days may bring. You try your hardest to monitor that he is staying on his meds, but you know how strong and tricky his demons are. You know from the past that he has mastered the art of appearing to take his meds, but disposing of them once he is finally left alone.

Mental Wellness, Recovery Plans, and Psychiatric Assessments Are Complicated

If you or a loved one have ever needed a psychiatric assessment then you likely have an idea of how difficult some lives can be. You likely also know that even with the very best treatment plan and psychiatric medications, you can find yourself just days, and sometimes just hours or minutes, away from an episode that can be life altering. You, like the millions of others in this country who struggle with mental health issues simply want to find a way to more easily predict and prevent the nightmare that can be a part of a patient with mental health issues.

From the 10% to 18% of adults in the U.S. who are affected by chronic sleep issues to the patients who find themselves dealing with demons both day and night, getting care as soon as possible can be a real advantage. And while a typical psychiatric practice will see patients with chronic sleep issues that affect between 50% to 80% of clients, there are also even more serious issues that are addressed in offices across the country.

As the nation continues to find the best way to make sure that those who need the most help are getting the psychiatric assessments that they need, there are still parents who find themselves unable to sleep at night when the thunder rolls, whether it is from fireworks, summer storms, or aircraft.

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