How EMF Radiation Could Be Effecting Your Health Right Now

How to block emf

We are so fortunate to live in an advanced society, where we can reach our friends and family through a phone call or email. Thanks to our smart phones, we can research a potential place to eat dinner or where to find the nearest gas station. But there is another side to this convenience we all adore: electromotive force, also known as EMF. This is created when an electrical circuit or device is powered up with energy, thereby creating a flow of radiation.

When you put your cell phone to your ear to make a call; when you are surfing the web at night with a tablet in your lap; when you microwave up some chicken nuggets for your child’s lunch, you are being exposed to EMF. There are ways to block EMF. One easy way is through EMF protection shields. These are wearable shields; it is necessary to wear one constantly when attempting to lessen exposure, because of the abundance of EMF-emitting appliances in our everyday lives.

Is Your Cell Phone Harming You?

Cell phone usage has tripled in the last few years, going from 2 billion users in 2006 to about 6 billion in 2012. While some cell users express concern about their usage, studies have revealed that the majority is completely unaware of any EMF dangers. For the minority of users who are aware, they mistakenly believe that not putting the cell phone up to their ear can greatly reduce any electromagnetic waves from passing through their heads. But what they do not know is that cell phones have been found to emit radiation 24 hours a day, even when turned off.

Do We Need to Protect Children From EMF?

Just as cell phones have become vastly more popular, so has the EMF that children are exposed to. People demanded good cell service everywhere, no matter where they were. To meet this demand, phone companies needed to build more cell towers. In many cases, the towers were placed near schools and churches, exactly the places children spend the most time, after home. Young children are now exposed to up to 1000 times as much radiation as the children of 25 years ago. EMF protection shielding may be able to help.

What is EMF Protection Shielding?

EMF protection shielding is most effective when worn nearly 24 hours a day. The reason why is that if your body is exposed to the radiation every minute of the day, you will need targeted protection during that time. Shields can be worn as jewelry, such as a necklace or bracelet, to be removed only when bathing. Using this method may be the easiest and least obtrusive method of protecting yourself and your loved ones.

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