How Primary Care Centers Can Support a Heathier Lifestyle

Immediate care facilities offer medical care for a range of common illnesses
and ailments. For more complex treatments like chemotherapy treatment and knee replacement surgery, they can provide referrals to specialized facilities. As primary care providers, they also offer services like rehabilitation from accidents and injuries, weight loss, and education for better health. Obesity is a major health concern, but it can be difficult for people to lose weight on their own. Medically supervised weight loss is a strategy that works for many people.

A new model of primary health care
Immediate or urgent care clinics offer a new model of healthcare, where most medical conditions can be treated without a visit to emergency care services. Primary care physicians and centers can treat most common illnesses and ailments. For more complex cases that require specialized care such as chemotherapy treatments, they can offer referrals to other facilities and surgeons.
Obesity is currently a major heath concern, and because it can lead to chronic and even life threatening conditions like diabetes and heart disease. More than a third of all adults are considered obese, where obesity is defined as a weight 20% higher than the norm for your height. Because obesity is so closely tied to overall health, over half of all adults, or 54%, are trying to lose weight.

Doctor supervised weight loss
Losing weight on your own can be difficult, however, and about half of all who are trying feel that they lack the discipline. Medically supervised weight loss programs can help people to stay on track and stay motivated. It’s been shown that even a 5% to 10% weight loss can reduce your chances of heart disease. From a medical point of view, obesity is a heath issue.
That’s why many primary care centers offer health education programs that encourage people to live healthy lives, to reduce their risks of developing major health problems. Diet and exercise are important components of a healthy lifestyle, as also getting sufficient rest and sleep. In extreme cases, weight loss surgery may be needed to bring patients to a healthier weight.

Eating healthier is half the battle
Eating healthy means focusing on natural foods that haven’t been processed and filled with preservatives. It’s an important part of primary medical care, since maintaining a healthy weight is essential to preventing serious disease. Many primary care facilities also offer consultations on finding a healthy diet, as well as healthy cooking recipes that are easy to follow.
Heathy eating can be a work in progress, and it’s better to make small and simple changes that can be sustained over time. Dramatic and complete charges in diet can be difficult to maintain over time. It’s better to take the time to find the foods and recipes that you can make part of your life, and to build on each step. Eating more natural foods and vegetables will give you the energy to live a healthier lifestyle.

The new model of primary healthcare, where urgent care centers provide basic medical care, eliminates many of the problems with waiting for weeks for a doctors appointment. For more specialized care, like chemotherapy treatment and surgery, they offer referrals to other facilities. Weight loss is an important health concern, and primary care facilities also offer healthy living education to help people maintain a healthy weight.

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