How To Keep Your Child Calm During An Urgent Care Visit

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A visit to an urgent care facility can be frightening for anyone, but this is particularly true for children. No matter their experience with doctors, going to a family walk in clinic can be full of unknowns, especially if your child is in pain. To keep your little one at ease during an emergency visit, consider the following tips.

  • Bring A Special Item: Does your child have a stuffed animal or blanket that provides them with comfort? Try to grab it when you leave the house. This way, they can hold their teddy bear while a physician examines them.
  • Keep Yourself Calm: Your energy effects your child more than you know. And since you are the main source of stability in their life, it’s important to stay calm yourself. If they see that you are at ease, they may be more inclined to calm down while at the medical clinic.
  • Communicate: Even if your child is young, they will want to have some sort of idea of what is happening. Let them know that the doctor is going to do some tests and that it will all be over soon. Also be sure to interpret anything that the doctor says that might be confusing for your child.
  • Avoid Surprises: Some parents may be inclined to hide certain details of the visit from their child to avoid anticipation. But this may actually cause your child to be more scared.
    Let them know what is going to happen and if it is going to hurt. This way, they will know to trust you and the doctor.
  • Focus On Affirmations: While at the family walk in clinic, try to be as positive as possible. Tell your child that they are being brave and that the doctor is going to help them feel better. This affirms the entire situation.

From broken arms to ear infections, childhood illnesses and injuries can be scary. As a parent, you have a direct role in making them more bearable. By creating a more pleasant and calm experience at an urgent care clinic, you can keep your child at ease during examination and throughout recovery.

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