How to Stay Safe from Severe Sunburns

It’s often enjoyable to spend time underneath the sun. Unfortunately, not protecting yourself from the sun’s rays often leads to sunburns. While dealing with this problem, it’s understandable to wonder if you need medical treatment. In this post, you’ll learn the side effects of sunburns as well as when to seek treatment for this condition.

Common Sunburn Symptoms

Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to tell if you have a sunburn. The first sign of this condition is noticing reddening skin. Less severe sunburns are often noticed after you step indoors. There are also more severe variations of a sunburn that take place. These sunburns are often felt before they’re ever seen. If you’re feeling a burning sensation on your skin while outdoors, get inside as fast as possible. Besides pain and reddening, other signs of sunburns include itching, peeling skin, and blistering.

When to Seek Medical Help for Sunburns

Fortunately, most sunburns go away on their own. If you’re needing immediate treatment, consider using lotions, creams, or sprays for sunburn relief. This will help you to feel less pain while slightly speeding up the recovery process. Unfortunately, more severe sunburns might require medical attention. In certain situations, it’s wise to seek medical attention for sunburns.

If you’re experiencing a fever, blurred vision, or unmanageable pain, it’s time to consider seeking out urgent care treatment. Statistics from the Urgent Care Association of America found that nearly 3 million patients visit these centers each week. In addition, one study found that 85% of these facilities are open seven days a week. Therefore, urgent care is a great option for those in need of fast treatment for severe sunburns.

How to Avoid Sunburns in the Future

After dealing with a sunburn, you’re likely wondering how to avoid this situation in the future. Of course, the best option is to completely avoid long term exposure to the sun. Unfortunately, this isn’t always an option for everyone. However, there are still important preventative measures you can take to protect against sunburns.

It’s wise to cover as much of your skin with clothing. That being said, you might find yourself wanting to get out on the water. When the time arrives to step out in your bathing suit or swim trunks, wear plenty of sunscreen. Applying sunscreen only takes a few minutes. In turn, you receive protection from the sun’s harmful rays for hours.

In closing, it’s understandable to want to learn more about treating a sunburn. If you require medical treatment for sunburns, it’s best to visit an urgent care facility. Statistics from 2012 found that wound repair was the most common procedure performed at urgent care locations. However, this is only one of many ways urgent care centers care for their patients. If you’re needing medical assistance to treat your sunburn, visit an urgent care center right away.

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