How Well Does IV Drip Therapy Work?

The YouTube Good Morning American channel discusses this topic in the video “How Vitamin Drip IV Works and Are They Safe”. Dr. Jennifer Ashton says that IV drip therapy is used in hospitals for patients that suffer from chronic illness, addiction, and dehydration. The vitamin drip therapy administered has high doses of Vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, and B vitamins.

Video Source

It can help patients that are vitamin deficient to recover from an illness.

It is not recommended for healthy adults to have IV drip therapy outside a medical facility or hospital. Too many IV drips or untrained staff may cause damage to the veins and swelling. High doses of vitamins without trained medical supervision might lead to vitamin toxicity, an imbalance in the body, and serious side effects for the chronically ill.

This iv drip therapy is called intravenous micronutrient therapy. It is used to treat fatigue, diabetes, asthma, depression, migraines, and dehydration. Under the medical supervision of doctors, nurses, and trained staff, it can be an effective treatment with traditional medical treatments. The benefits are increased hydration, detoxification, an increase in energy, weight loss, and better functioning of the immune system. IV drip therapy is best used when supervised by a doctor.

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