Incorporate These Ideas into Your Fitness Regime

Exercise tips for women

We are all well aware of the health benefits of regular exercise: weight loss or maintenance, cardiovascular health, improved sleep, and exercise has been proven to improve mental faculties, such as acuity and heightened mood. Did you know, however, that exercise tips vary according to gender and age? Fitness tips for women or exercising tips for women, for example, can be somewhat different than they are for men. This fact has nothing to do with strength, but rather comes down to the fact that the muscular structure of women is different than men. For example, men inherently have more upper body strength than women. In a 1993 study, female participants showed 52 percent of the upper body strength of men, which researchers attributed to the smaller muscles in females as well as a higher concentration of fatty tissues in the top half of the female body. Testosterone also plays a role in this equation, too. This fact, however, does not neglect the importance of incorporating strength training into exercising tips for women; it just means women may incorporate them a little differently.

Exercising tips for women are rooted in biological reasons, too; men and women generally gain weight in different areas. Men tend to bulk about around their abdomen, and women tend to gain weight in their hips and breasts. There is no such thing as target exercise, per se, but certain cardiovascular exercises can trim certain body parts faster than others. As such, common weight loss tips for women and exercising tips for women revolve around balancing a healthy diet, cardiovascular exercise (such as biking, running, or walking), and strength training.

Speaking of strength training exercising tips for women, sadly, many women ignore strength training in their fitness regime for fear of bulking up. In reality, one of the most important exercise tips for women involves light strength training because not only does enhanced muscle improve bone structure and lessen risk of injury, but muscle burns more energy than fat, thereby making your basal metabolic rate higher than that of someone who simply spends hours toiling away on the treadmill. As such, exercising tips for women should impress the importance of weights also tone and tighten up the body, which, after all, makes us look better, too!

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