IV Pumps to Help Improve Patient Experience

Delivering the fluid necessary to help a patient either heal or feel more comfortable is one of the most important factors of the experience of a nurse or doctor. Getting the right kind of relief to a patient can mean the difference between a happy experience and one fraught with frustration, anger, and, yes, negative reviews. If you take the steps you need to get patients the care they need, particularly when it comes to their IV experience, you will have higher success rates, happier patients, and a better environment at the care center in which you work. IV pumps are a great way to make sure patients are satisfied with their level of care. Here are some of their uses.

IV Pumps Help Distribute Medicine Efficiently

Any type of IV infusion has the potential to be used for helping patients get the medicine they need to start the healing process. A problem arises, however, when IV pump training or IV formula data is insufficient. This can cause the wrong amounts of fluid to be delivered, or, even worse, an adverse medical situation may arise. Therefore, many medical professionals choose to use automated IV pumps to get patients the liquids they need. This is especially effective when dealing with medicine. An automated IV pump can help regulate the amount of medicine the patient gets as well as when it is administered. This takes some of the guess work out of the medicinal process. It also helps eliminate the possibility of human error. Although things can still go wrong, at least the amount and timing of the medical treatment can be regulated with an IV infusion pump that’s automatic.

IV Pumps Help Save Time

The time it takes for a nurse or doctor go and check IVs for their patients can be considerable. Each bedside visit requires gathering the appropriate information, checking it, and then checking it against the IV administration process. This can be laborious and time consuming, particularly when the medical professional is already busy with other crucial tasks. Once an IV pump is purchased, staff can get training as to how to program an IV pump. Then they can start saving time on the process and enjoying the free time that results.

Keep the Patient First and Foremost

Safety is always the primary objective. A safer hospital or clinic is one that has a higher success rate with its patients. Success is going to partially depend on the successful administration of IVs. It will also depend on how efficient hospital staff is at taking care of a variety of patients in a timely fashion. IV pumps present options for ways to meet these objectives.

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