Many Options For Couples Who Have Trouble Having Children

Fertility experts

Most people are able to conceive a child naturally at least once, but for some people, it can be a real struggle. Whether it’s a failure to conceive at all or continuous miscarriages, some people need a little help. One out of eight married women has problems either getting pregnant or sustaining a pregnancy, and even healthy couples in their prime reproductive years have only about a one in four chance of getting pregnant in any given month. With these odds against them, its no wonder people turn to fertility clinics such as the Michigan comprehensive fertility center.

About 7.4 million women have a problem with fertility at some point in their lives. This includes women with medical conditions that make it difficult or impossible for them to conceive, women with temporary fertility issues and those facing fertility issues because they are older. This has become more of an issue in recent years as more and more women delay marriage and having children. The prime fertility years for women are from age 20-24, and in First World countries, most women at this point are going to college or just starting careers and don’t want to have children. More and more women also are delaying childbirth until their 30s, which is when fertility greatly starts to decline for most women. It starts dropping at 30, accelerates at 35 and by 40, only about 40% of women who want to have a child can.

For women with problems, fertility treatments at a clinic such as the Michigan comprehensive fertility center can be the answer. Such treatments can consist of hormone injections, artificial insemination, in-vitro fertilization and other forms of treatments. These treatments can be expensive and may or may not be covered by your health insurance. They also are unsuccessful about as often as they are successful, and you may need multiple treatments to conceive. These are factors you have to take into account before deciding whether such treatments are right with you.

For some couples, they can fill the void of not being able to conceive children by adopting or serving as foster parents. But for other couples, they cannot feel fulfilled without producing their own offspring. For those couples, treatment at a fertility clinic can be the answer to their prayers.

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