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Sleep apnea has become an increasingly problematic issue for many people. It is estimated that as many as 18 million people in the United States suffer from this disorder. In addition, there could be as many as one in every 50 people with this condition that remain undiagnosed. Statistics show that men are more likely to develop sleep apnea than are women.

Treatment for sleep apnea comes in the form of the cpap machine, or continuous positive airway pressure machine. This machine can consist of a full face cpap mask, a mask that covers only the nose, or prongs that fit into the nostrils. What the cpap machine does is to increase the air pressure in the individual’s throat so that the airway stays open while they sleep. Most people will go through a home sleep test in order to confirm the diagnosis of sleep apnea. Upon a positive diagnosis, a cpap machine will be prescribed.

Because cpap machines are expensive, there are several options available that make it easier to be able to afford one. A good suggestion for patients is to investigate the possibility of buying or even renting a pre-owned cpap machine. An internet search will reveal many different locations where a pre-owned cpap machine can be found. Stores that sell cpap supplies are also easy to find, as well as locations to buy cpap supplies online. Individuals looking for a pre-owned cpap machine will more than likely find enough choices through a site that sells discount cpap supplies, including discounted machines. Many people will choose a pre-owned cpap machine for the lost cost, if it has been well maintained.

The cpap machine is the most widely used treatment for sleep apnea outside of a surgical procedure. It is the preferred method of treatment for most people suffering with this condition; in addition, the cpap produces several positive results. It reduces fatigue during the day that might have occurred prior to its use because of interrupted sleep. Patients who use the cpap machine for at least seven hours each night experience fewer heart problems and a lower level of depression. Experts are also finding that many patient’s blood pressure is lower, both day and night when using the machine regularly.

There are also some risks that could occur for some patients using the cpap machine. Some individuals will experience leaks around the mask if it is not fitting around the nose properly. Others have complained of abdominal bloating, sore throat, dry nose, eye and nose irritation, or nasal congestion and sneezing. In addition, others have experienced what they call excessive dreaming when they first began using the mask. Most or all of these reactions are usually relieved with an adjustment of the machine by a doctor. There are also adjustments that can be made to the mask itself and suggestions for using a humidifier to help relieve dryness in the nasal passages.

Other types of cpap machines are available if the first one the patient uses is causing too much discomfort. There is a machine that will begin with a lower air pressure and build during the night to relieve excess pressure through the nose. Another type of machine, the bilevel positive airway pressure machine or bipap, uses two different levels of air pressure. It uses one when the patient inhales and another when the patient exhales. Some people find the bipap more comfortable because, upon exhaling, the air pressure they are breathing out against is at a lower level. Patients typically spend a night at a sleep laboratory in order to have the proper pressure adjusted for their individual needs. The bipap machine is thought to be a better choice for sleep apnea patients who also suffer from heart failure. Another option is the apap machine, or the auto-titrating continuous positive airway pressure, which will automatically adjust the air pressure depending upon the patient’s needs.

There is a wide variety of different types of machines available for sleep apnea patients to choose from. Individuals are able to test the ones that they feel may work for them, and to decide upon the one that not only works, but also provides them the highest level of comfort.

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