Substance Use Disorder Causes and Treatments

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Substance use disorder is defined in the latest manual published by psychiatrists as a disorder that affects millions of Americans and is involved with the use of substances to the point where a person’s life is damaged. A person may exhibit irresistible cravings and a struggling to avoid substances.

A person who struggles with substance use disorder may exhibit strange things, like stealing or thieving to get goods to sell for money to support their substance use. A recent study of people who stole things revealed that the majority did so to support their drug habit.

They may exhibit erratic behavior, such as saying strange things or behaving in a strange way. A person who struggles with substance use disorder may have mood swings or bouts of psychosis as a result of their illness and abuse of substances. Certain substances can cause different things. A person may become gaunt or lean because of neglecting to feed.

A person who has substance use disorder may spend all their money on substances, rather than on rent and other parts of their life. They may use substances at all different times of the day and may lose their job and have to resort to stealing to support their drug habit.

The drug habit is likely to be expensive, as even the lowest habit, cigarettes, are extremely expensive. A person who has a drug habit like heroin or cocaine will spend a great deal of their money on those substances. There are many reasons for this and many underpinnings of substance use disorder.

There is the neuropsychiatric point of view that shows how the brain changes when a substance enters a person’s body. The limbic system, which is the pleasure system, changes as a result of the drug, responding to it and needing more. The person then uses to get a similar high and has to use stronger and stronger drugs to get that initial high.

There is the psychological point of view, which states that a person might have an underlying mood disorder or may have trauma in their history. These, psychologists say, lead people to use and abuse substances, given that they feel that they are not in control of their lives or are burying the past.

For those looking to get free of their addictions, it is possible to go to a treatment center, such as rehabilitation center. A rehab center is one that pulls people off drugs and gives them structure and support, which they may need in those times. A person might need a prescription medication to help with issues like mood disorders.

Sometimes, there are medications which help people wean off drugs or deal with the withdrawals. One of these drugs is called methadone and it is used to treat people with heroin in their systems. Methadone is a drug that gets rid of cravings and is used in the initial bout of treatment. It is sometimes used after as well, as an adjunct treatment.

Research shows that methadone treatments are good for treating individuals with heroin substance use issues. Methadone treatments show some efficacy in keeping people from relapsing onto heroin. While this is not always the case, there are some people who are on methadone treatments that continue to use, which is dangerous.

In these cases, the person is using methadone treatments to curb their cravings while they use.

Substance use disorder is a serious issue in the United States. There are many people who die from opiod addiction every day, as well as other substances like alcohol and cocaine. Substance use disorder involves changes to the limbic system as well as psychological issues. It can be treated, even with a drug like methadone, which curbs cravings.

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