The Importance Of Mental Health Care

Mental health is hugely important to each and every person living in the United States – and in the world at large as well. But matters of mental health are too often looked over, and many conditions regarding mental health are often looked over and not diagnosed in time. However, mental illness is more common than many of us would believe, and it is important to provide support networks for those who are struggling with them. An established psychiatric hospital can be ideal for someone who is in a period of crisis in regards to their mental health. An established psychiatric hospital will be able to diagnose them, if they have not already received a proper diagnosis, and figure out a course of treatment that will get them feeling like themselves again as quickly as possible. Going to an established psychiatric hospital is certainly nothing to be ashamed of, and many a psychiatric acute treatment program have helped various people with various mental illnesses and other such mental health conditions all over the country and even all over the world.

Depression is a common mental illness seen inpatient neuropsychiatric care facilities. Depression, while already common enough, is on the rise as well, increasing by as much as twenty percent in the United States alone with each passing year. Depression can affect anyone and does not discriminate, but there are specific populations of people that are particularly prone to it. College students, for example, often experience systems of depression – some more severely than others. In fact, data shows that more than a quarter of all college students felt that their symptoms of depression impeded their ability to thrive and do well in their courses.

Women are also far more likely to experience depression at some point in their lives – as much as seventy percent more likely to experience a period of depression (if not chronic depression) than the average man in the United States is. Women are particularly at risk of developing depression right after they give birth. Postpartum depression can become serious very rapidly, and usually occurs in the weeks following the birth of a child – but can develop at any point in the first year after the delivery. However, nearly fifteen percent of all women who are diagnosed with postpartum depression will be diagnosed within the first six weeks of their child’s life. For the woman who develops severe postpartum depression, or even postpartum psychosis, a stay in an established psychiatric hospital may become necessary if other treatments fail.

Inpatient mental health facilities can also to be beneficial to those who suffer from an anxiety disorder. Like depression, anxiety disorders are widespread throughout the United States. A total of around fifteen million people in this country alone have been diagnosed with a social anxiety disorder, and more than five million people have been diagnosed with having a panic disorder. And these two anxiety disorders are only two of many. Other common anxiety disorders include generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Nearly twenty percent of the total population of the United States has been diagnosed with at least one anxiety disorder, and those who have are around five times for likely to require a stay in an established psychiatric hospital.

Mental health is hugely important but is all too often neglected. Treating mental illnesses can improve the quality of life for many people of all ages. From depression to anxiety disorders to PTSD and bipolar disorder, mental illnesses of all kinds will greatly benefit from the proper and thorough plan of treatment often found in an established psychiatric hospital.

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