The Importance of Scheduling a Hearing Test With Your Audiologist

Many Americans experience some level of hearing loss. This is potentially caused by a variety of situations such as being exposed to loud sounds on a consistent basis. When people are subjected to high noise levels while traveling to work or school as well as during work and leisure activities, this can adversely affect their hearing over time.

There are, of course, other causes for hearing issues and loss, such as being born with an impairment. Every year, children are born with a hearing loss in either one or both of their ears. This occurs with approximately two to three out of every 1,000 children.

Roughly 20% of the population has reported that they experience some hearing loss in one or both of their ears. There are 26 million adults between the ages of 20 to 69 that have high-frequency hearing loss. This is linked to being exposed to loud sounds. Hearing loss is more prevalent by the time an individual has reached 65. One out of every three individuals will have hearing loss by this time in their life. Estimates indicate that hearing impairments are increasing throughout the globe. By 2025, for example, it is believed that 900 million people will be affected.

Tinnitus is also an issue of concern. One of the primary symptoms that people experience is a ringing in their ears. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 50 million Americans live with one of two types of tinnitus: subjective or objective. Most individuals, however, or 99% of the reported cases, have subjective tinnitus.

Over ten million Individuals within the United States currently use hearing aids. There are different types currently available, some of which are invisible. Others can be used for iPhones and similar devices. It’s also important to use hearing protection when working or engaging in leisure activities in a noisy environment. Ear plugs, for example, can assist with reducing the impact of environmental noise.

If you’re concerned about your hearing or are experiencing some level of hearing loss, it would be an excellent idea to schedule an exam. An audiologist, or hearing doctor, will administer various tests to determine whether or not you have hearing loss, tinnitus, or another issue. Once this is determined, your audiologist will make recommendations as to the best course of action. He or she may, for example, recommend hearing protection along with some type of hearing aid.

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