The Most Important Tip You Must Know for Weight Loss

Eating right is the first thing we can do when it comes to safeguarding our health. It is also a sure fire way to supplement weight loss. Did you know to lose weight, 75% of your focus should be diet? Nutrition is truly important to the human body, and when that is affected, you definitely see and feel the results.

We know that weight loss includes eating right, but how exactly is that done? In today’s society, specifically in the United States, greasy junk food is cheap and readily available. Some people may be under the impression that you can eat fast food, salty processed snacks, and sweet treats for extended periods of time and not eventually develop health issues. This is why educating yourself on proper nutrition is the first step of coming up with your diet plan. Cutting out portions of carbohydrates and fats is a good way to stimulate weight loss, but the best way to keep yourself on track is to figure out the amount of calories you personally need each day. It’s said that people need at least 2,000 calories a day, but that is simply not true for everyone. There are many online resources and calculators you can use to figure out your maintenance and weight loss calories respectively. These conclusions are made by your current weight, height, and daily activity level. One you have that number for your weight loss calories, you have the key to your new diet plan. Dieting is a hard reality to face for many people. Self discipline is hard to muster, in fact up to 50% of Americans say that they can’t lose weight because of it. However, this magic number is the foundation of weight loss.

The best course of action after determining the amount of calories you need is finding the food required for you to be eating right. Remember those diagrams on top of a plate that shows how much of which food should be in your diet? That’s a good place to start, unless you have a condition that prevents you from consuming any of those categories. Most of your diet should include vegetables and fruit, up to 5 servings a day. You should also have plenty of protein, around 2 servings a day. Avoid having sweet treats, salty snacks, or oily foods everyday. Breads and rice are a great source of energy, but the amount you have everyday should be limited as they are often calorie dense and not as filling. Eating right means making sacrifices, and cutting out those favorite unhealthy foods that you treat yourself to a bit too often. However, eating right does not have to be pure discipline. Having “cheat” days where you allow yourself a few slices of pizza or a sweet beverage is fine, as long as it’s just for that day and you do not lose track of your goal. Higher calorie days, maybe once a week or so, is also beneficial to a diet because it stimulates your metabolism and keeps weight loss from plateauing.

Paying attention to your diet and eating right is truly the basics of a healthier lifestyle. It’s time to get in touch with your body, not only to lose weight, but to feel better too.

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