The Services of a Dermatologist and The Benefits

Even though the skin is known to renew itself every month, the dermatologist most often has to help patients with acne. Acne affects people of all ages, but there are many different treatments that are able to control this issue. Then, there are other things like moles, melanoma, and varicose veins that may not appear to be a skin problem until later in life, but they can always be managed in a preventative fashion by a dermatologist.

Finding the Best Dermatologist

Your skin is important all throughout life and without proper care, dangerous skin conditions can develop at any time. You likely think that things like acne are something that you only deal with during adolescence, but this always the potential of a long-term issue that is indicative of a more serious health issue.

Some of those issues, including acne, include the following:

  • First: Acne starts as a teen to the basal cell carcinoma that affects over four million annually.
  • Second: Any little spot or mole may not be what you expect.
  • Lastly: Anti-aging treatments or botox injections may cause unexpected flare up of psoriasis, eczema, or other skin condition at any point.

At that point, a serious treatment or even surgical procedure may be needed to ensure your long-term skin health. Therefore it may be better to start with basic acne treatments or avoid some aesthetician services that may cause more dangerous issues along the way.

Skin Cancer or Other Serious Issues

With the amount of skin cancer cases diagnosed every year in the U.S., there is much to consider in what the dermatology specialist can offer in treatments and surgical procedures. About 20% of Americans are diagnosed before their senior years, usually by age 70. Luckily, Mohs surgery, often provided by a skin doctor or dermatologist, has up to a 99% success rate for curing skin cancer. Therefore, the melanoma and other cases across the nation are found on what appears to be healthy skin, offering the need for what would be preventative treatment. With about 20% or so of skin cancers found in moles, the need for mole removal procedures is more of an immediate cure.

With so much to consider, the search for a skin care specialist is quite a challenge, especially considering the amount of damage we all face in the sun exposure we face over the years. While there is great value placed on sunscreen, there is a lot of sun exposure that leads to sunburns in our younger years, and when playing outside there is much time where we don’t keep our skin as protected as we should. So, the search for a good dermatology specialist and keeping them on the record is important for future skin health.

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