The Top Three Reasons Why Americans Don’t Get Enough Sleep

Aromatherapy neck wrap

How well do you sleep at night? This is a question you shouldn’t skip, as good sleep is proven to be the bridge between a working adult and superior mental and physical health. There are many things that get in the way of a proper night’s sleep, ranging from unchecked stress to chronic pain, and likewise, many things that can help. A microwaveable neck heat wrap is a tool you can pack in your arsenal when a decent night’s rest is just out of your reach, stimulating blood flow to stiff muscles and lowering your symptoms down to something more manageable. Never used an aromatherapy neck pillow or shoulder heat wrap before?

For those struggling with anxiety, sleep and insomnia alike…you’ll be glad to know about the benefits.

Why do Americans have such a hard time getting a good night’s rest, anyway? While the results aren’t identical across the board, there are a few patterns that have made themselves clear over the years. Let’s start with workplace stress. The National Institute For Occupation Safety And Health (just call them NIOSH) have seen 40% of respondents to a survey saying their working environment is ‘very stressful’. Workplace stress also causes an estimated one million Americans to miss work every week.

What else affects a good night’s sleep? Sleeping disorders and their causes have another answer. It’s thought as many as 60 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders or a form of sleep deprivation — this can manifest as insomnia (unable to fall asleep), sleep apnea (the REM cycle is constantly interrupted) or anxiety (uncontrollable worry and paranoia). The 1940’s saw Americans averaging eight hours of sleep per night. Nowadays? That average is closer to six. How can we go back to this better number?

Let’s get to the last major element that keeps many working Americans from getting that coveted eight to nine hours. Mental health is just as influential as physical health, affecting everything you do in the day and at night. Anxiety is a major contributor to poor sleep patterns — if you find yourself staring at the ceiling, worrying about the next day or wandering through doomsday scenarios, it’s possible you have a form of mental illness that could be diagnosed by a professional.

What are some sleeping tips that you could use before we get into the benefits of a microwaveable neck heat wrap? The Mayo Clinic is constantly analyzing health patterns in the population to better provide solutions to people from all walks of life. You should fall asleep in about 15 to 20 minutes. If you’re still awake, getting up and doing something relaxing (such as reading, knitting or painting) can help calm you down and get you into a better head-space. For those that need a bit more, look no further…

An aromatherapy neck wrap or extra long neck heat pad is a great way to soothe aching muscles, stimulate positive emotions and get you feeling good. Doesn’t matter if you’re about to sleep or are getting up in the morning — heat is proven to relax muscles at the source and even encourage a faster healing process. Try combining these useful tools with clean blankets and clean sheets. Over 80% of respondents to the National Sleep Foundation’s sleep survey said good bedding is important to a restful night.

People who have good sleep under their belt on a regular basis have reduced rates of anxiety and depression. They get sick less than people who don’t get enough sleep and even report higher rates of self-esteem. With a microwaveable neck heat wrap you can tackle your pain and make it easier than ever to count sheep.

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