Topical Products vs Lasers for Hair and Sun Spot Removal

Sun spots removal

Laser procedures are at the cutting edge of cosmetology. The most high-tech spas might offer laser resurfacing for rejuvenating your face, laser hair removal for smoother legs, or laser spot removal for younger-looking skin. Chances are, if you are unhappy with your appearance, there’s some type of laser out there that can help. However, skin care products are also available, and they can address the same issues that the more expensive lasers do. So which should you count on? Lasers, or topical products?

Laser Dark Spot Removal vs. Dermatology Products for Sun Spots

When lasers are used for sun spot removal, they release light in a wavelength that melanin readily absorbs. This means that the darker spots on your skin will absorb the energy from the laser, which destroys that pigmentation. Although several sessions may be required to get the results that you like, laser spot removal is far quicker than the use of a skincare product. Sun spot removal with a prescription product may take months to work. Topical creams effectively bleach the skin, causing the darker spots to eventually fade. Although both lasers and products can help you to reduce the appearance of dark spots, lasers are infinitely faster, and usually more effective.

After getting brown spot removal, whether you opt for lasers or topical products, it’s important to use dermatology products that protect your skin from further damage. Neither method will prevent sun spots from occurring in the future, so proper skin protection is essential. If you have chosen a good spa, they will probably offer a product of SPF-50 or higher that you can safely use to keep the sun from doing any more damage to your spot-free skin.

Laser Hair Removal vs. Depilatory Dermatology Products

Laser hair removal works in a manner similar to laser sun spot removal, by emitting an energy wavelength that the hair absorbs, resulting in destruction of the hair at the follicle. Because the process works best when hair is in a certain phase of growth, several sessions are required to treat all of the hair at the right times. Laser hair removal may take several sessions before ideal results are achieved, but some people find the laser process far more manageable than using depilatory creams. These creams must be used frequently to maintain a hair-free look and feel, and they contain very harsh chemicals that can hurt the skin and irritate the lungs.

Choosing between lasers and topical products will be easiest if you consult a cosmetic procedure specialist. Lasers may not be for everyone, but they are often preferred to their dermatological product alternatives, such as depilatory and bleaching creams. Remember to speak to your laser center about products that they may offer to complement laser treatments and procedures.

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