Ways to Keep Safe When Using a Cell Phone

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With new information that we have available to us, the need for radiation protection is very important. We should be thinking about how to protect children from EMF through EMF shielding and blockers. Cell phones in particular have been proven to be quite dangerous. Studies have shown that cell phone radiation can actually be the cause of some kinds of cancer. Cell phones can be labeled as carcinogenic hazards, which is the same category that lead and engine exhaust are in. There is a huge need to invest cell phone radiation protection. There are a few things that we can do to ensure cell phone radiation protection. They are the following:

  1. Live in the Balance
    There is a large number of studies proving that cell phones are dangerous but at the same time there have been studies that show the opposite. This causes quite a bit of confusion and misunderstanding. People tend to follow the study that works best for them, meaning, if the study that shows cell phones are fine suits their lifestyle better- they will continue using the cell phone with no thought to cell phone radiation protection.In fact, people have upped their cell phone usage in recent years. Rather than choose the study that makes you comfortable, you should weigh out the pros and cons and balance your safety with the convenience. How important is your health to you? Isn’t it better to err on the side of caution? Try to limit to exposure as much as possible.
  2. Go Back to a Land Line
    If your phone is plugged in a wall there there is much less radiation being emitted from it. You could get a phone with a long cord so that you aren’t stuck by the wall when talking on the phone. If you expect a phone call to take a long time then make an effort to use the cord phone during that phone call. In order to ensure cell phone radiation protection, you do need a phone with a cord. Cordless landlines still give off a continuous stream of radiation even when they aren’t in use.
  3. Limit Phone Call Length
    Even two minutes phone calls can have an affect on your body so try to reduce the amount of time that you are on the phone. When you aren’t using it, turn it off and keep it in a protection bag so that it can be near you if you need if for emergencies but it is not affecting your body.

  4. Use Hands Free or Speaker Options
    The farther the cell phone is from you head, the better so using the speakerphone option on your phone or a hands free device is helpful for cell phone radiation protection. Keep in mind that the most radiation is emitted when the phone is trying to connect so make sure you are not sitting and listening to the phone ring. Once the connection has been established, then move the phone in to listen. Texting is better than talking on the phone as well because it is not by your head. Try to engage in emails and texting conversation more often than phone calls.

  5. Don’t Move AroundWhen you pace or move, the phone needs to keep up with you which results in more radiation waves being emitted. When you are using a cell phone, try to stay in one place which means not walking around or driving.

  6. Don’t Let Children Use Them
    While it’s a very popular notion to give children either their own cell phone or a parent’s to use, you must remember that children are even more susceptible to radiation waves than adults because their skulls are thinner and brains more pliable. Their cells divide at a much faster rate than adults because they are still growing, this makes radiation a lot more dangerous for them.

When crossing the street, protecting your life and your family’s lives is priority number one and it should be no different when it comes to cell phones. Of course, just like you have to cross the street sometimes, you may have to use a cell phone but following these tips may be the difference between a healthy body and nervous system or having issues for the rest of your life.

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