What Are the Weed Addiction Symptoms?

Substance abuse is a global problem. Alcohol has become the third leading cause of injury and illness worldwide. Substance abuse and mental illness are now seen to be linked. People who suffer from addictions are three times more likely to also have a mental health issue. At least 20% of people with a mental illness also have a substance abuse problem. From alcohol to pot and heroin, this is a global epidemic that is only getting worse. Many people are unable to tell the symptoms of different additions. Weed addiction symptoms are different from the symptoms of alcohol abuse, for instance.
What Are the Weed Addiction Symptoms?

  1. The person has no power to control how much pot they use. Like other additions, the inability to control how much a person uses pot is one of the common weed addiction symptoms. When people try to cut back on the amount they use or the amount of time they spend getting high or thinking about getting high, it might be time to consider drug rehab. When people start to isolate themselves from friends, family and just doing the things they like to do, they may have a problem that they need to address. This can become really apparent when the person makes concerted efforts to cut down or stop using the drug all together.
  2. The person suffers from withdrawal when they do cut down or stop. This is a clear indication and another one of the classic weed addiction symptoms. When a person begins to physically need a drug, it is a sign they are addicted and may benefit from some time in an inpatient drug rehab center. Withdrawal from pot can cause insomnia, anxiety, loss of appetite and irritability. These symptoms typically last about two weeks after a person has stopped using pot.
  3. Does the person smoke or eat pot every day to relax? People often turn to drugs like pot to relax. If someone does this every single day, some people will use pot more than once in a day, that can indicate a problem. If your friend of family member is getting up in the middle of the night to use pot, that is not normal. The Office of National Drug Control Policy has said that pot use can actually make people more anxious and then when they use more of the drug, they become more likely to experience some of the negative effects of the drug such as paranoia. Not every person who uses pot once or a few times to relax is addicted but when a person cannot relax at all without using, that is one of the weed addiction symptoms.
  4. The person has lost all sense of personal responsibility. People who were really responsible can let this all go as they get deeper and deeper into their addictions. They may know their pot use is hurting their work performance, for example, but they no longer care. People may lack the motivation to do things that they need to do or used to want to do. They will continue to use the drug despite the negative impact their use has on the people around them. These are all common weed addiction symptoms. The main thing to look for is a change in behavior. A person can be lazy and not addicted to anything but if they were never lazy and suddenly they are not taking care of their home, their job or their family, it may indicate a problem.
  5. The person refuses to admit they have an issue. Denial can be a hard think to pin down. A person without a problem may say the same things that a person with an addiction says. The difference will be in the behavior you see when the person is using and not. If you have seen changes in personality and behavior, that can indicate a real problem, Take the person’s actions and behavior as a whole and look at it over time to see if you think they may have a problem.

An addiction to pot can be hard to spot and treat but treatment and recovery are possible. Talk with an expert in addiction or a medical professional if you have concerns about this.

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