What Do You Learn During a Swimming Lesson?

Learning to swim is an important life skill to acquire. Before learning how to do the various strokes, master a few basic concepts. The video explains the first things you’ll learn during a swimming lesson.

Before learning how to swim, you must know the importance of safety. Don’t try to learn to swim on your own and never get in the water without an instructor or lifeguard.

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One of the main techniques in swimming is holding your breath. In a swimming lesson, sit on the edge of the pool and learn how to hold your breath. This involves taking a long inhale, holding it, then exhaling.

Then, get into the shallow end and attempt to float on your back. Your body must be parallel to the surface of the water. Try this unassisted, but the instructor will support you if necessary. After learning how to float, hold the edge of the pool and kick. Submerge your head and hold your breath for as long as you can.

After mastering these basic concepts, you will start to learn how to do the strokes as your swimming lessons progress. Enroll in a swimming lesson to learn this valuable skill.


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