What is a Medical Scan?

Your doctor may have ordered a medical scan or diagnostic imaging to help him or her to get the information that they need to diagnose you. A medical scan can be carried out using a few different types of processes.


It is normal to feel apprehensive about getting a medical scan like MRI imaging, no one likes to think that the doctor has ordered more testing, but in some cases it is necessary. Understanding more about the processes can help to ease your mind a bit.


Why A Medical Scan May Be Needed


One of the reasons that your doctor may have ordered a medical scan is because you are suffering from pain. For example, before your doctor knee replacement surgery or hip replacement surgery to get you out of pain once and for all, they will order a scan so that they can view the mechanics of the joint. They will use the scans to guide them through the surgery.


In other cases scans are used to confirm a suspected diagnosis like in the case of heart disease. Before heart services can be finely tuned to your specific need your cardiologist will need to see what is happening with your heart and the only way to do that is to send you for a scan.


In some cases getting a medical scan is exciting. For example, an ultrasound scan that is ordered as part of your maternity services. There is nothing better than seeing your baby via a scan.


What You Should Know About Medical Scans


No matter what the reason is that your doctor has ordered diagnostic imaging, it is important that you follow through. Your doctor felt it was important to you have this testing done, and it can impact your health care if you do not follow through with the testing.


One of the first things a patient will ask about a medical scan is “does it hurt?”. The answer is no it does not hurt to get a medical scan. The professionals that are in charge of providing the service will ensure that you are comfortable throughout the process.


Typically the next question patients will ask about the procedure is “is it safe?”. Yes, it is safe. Diagnostic imaging has been around for a long time and is a very safe procedure. For example, MRI technology has been used on patients since 1977 without long term negative side effects.


Ask Your Doctor


If you are concerned about your upcoming scan and have questions, the best source of information is your doctor. Your doctor may refer you to the imaging center to find out what you should do before the procedure to ensure a successful imaging session.

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