What You Need To Know About EMF Protection

Emf protection

Are you aware of the dangers of emf (electromagnetic field) exposure? Studies conducted in 2007 concluded that the existing public safety limits for EMF were inadequate to protect public health, and agreed that new safety limits were needed. One of the main reasons for the increase in emf exposure is cell phone towers. Cell towers are often placed on pre-school, church day-care, and school campuses which means that children can have 1,000 times higher exposures than existed even 20-25 years ago. So what can you do to keep your family safe from harmful exposure? Here are just a few ideas:

1. EMF Protection Jewelry – One of the most popular forms of emf protection is jewelry. The jewelry ranges from emf protection necklaces to rings and bracelets. The emf protection necklaces and other types of jewelry do not provide the protection on their own. They must be paired with a Shield to create the protection. People all across America are purchasing emf protection necklaces because they are keeping them safe while allowing them to keep their sense of style. It’s a win-win!

2. Laptop Radiation Shield – Did you know that a 2012 study confirmed that wi-fi level laptop exposure of only four hours resulted in decreased sperm viability? That is where laptop radiation shields come into play. Just by having a laptop radiation shield turned on in your office or desk space you can reduce any chances you might have of being affected by the exposure.

3. Cell Phone Radiation Protection – Often times, people admit that they have heard about over exposure to cell phone radiation, but what many people don’t know is that if your home has an unobstructed view of a cell phone tower facing your way within 984 feet, you should be looking into shielding solutions. Cell phone radiation has been said to cause headaches, neurological problems, sleep, and concentration problems for both children and adults.

Whether you are just learning about the risks of emf protection for the first time, or are looking to buy a new piece of emf protection jewelry to add to your growing collection it is always good to stay informed. EMF protection is necessary and because of recent technological advances is very accessible! Keep your family safe with emf protection jewelry, laptop radiation shields, and cell phone radiation protection.

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