Why Finding the Right Bike Saddle is Important

Most comfortable road bike seat

There?s so much variety available in bikes that it?s worth putting in a bit of research to discover the most comfortable bike seat for your particular needs. The benefits of having a comfortable bike seat are numerous: the right seat decreases pain, increases performance, and allows you to go longer distances.

There are twice as many bicycles in the world today than there are cars–more than 1 billion–and even in America more and more people are using them as a healthier and more environmentally-friendly way to commute. Since 2005, the number of people commuting by bike has increased by 46%, and that’s not counting the people who ride for pleasure, sport, or exercise.

This has led to an explosion of bike seat designs, from old-fashioned leather bicycle saddles to snazzy carbon fiber bike saddles. Naturally they are also available in every color one can imagine. But far more important than color is having the most comfortable bike seat for your needs.

The first thing to consider when choosing a saddle is your ride type. If you?re racing or going long distances on roads, the most comfortable bike seat is probably a performance saddle. These are shaped so as to put very little weight on your bones, minimizing pain over long distances. Because performance saddles are narrow, they don?t get between your legs in a way that interferes with your power transfer. This also helps to minimize chafing.

If mountain biking is more your thing, this style of ride often calls for a specific saddle that is well-padded. You may be hovering off the seat one moment and then crouching down on it the next. The ride can get bumpy, as well, so cushioning becomes more of an issue than it is with road bikes.

The most comfortable bike seat for a standard recreational ride or short commute is probably a cushioning saddle. Plush padding can be nice, and a short nose is propbably going to be most comfortable. Look also for springs on the seat post.

What if you?re touring very long distances? You want something between a mountain and a road saddle. Bone cushioning is essential on these long rides, and a long, narrow nose will make the whole experience more comfortable.

The type of cushioning you choose will also vary depending on your needs. Gel cushioning is very popular in the search for the most comfortable bike seat. However, be aware that gel compacts over time. This makes it great for short rides, but less so the longer you plan on riding.

Foam cushioning springs back into place more easily than a gel. It?s also available in a firmer feel, which is great for those who are heavier or who are accustomed to sitting the bike for very long periods.

Finding the right bike saddle can make all the difference to your comfort and performance on the bike, so take the time to find exactly what you need. Your whole body will appreciate it!

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