Why it Could Help to Receive Urgent Care

Denver walk in clinic

Are you accustomed to waiting days or weeks, or even months for an appointment because your physician’s office is always booked? Maybe you’re dealing with a health problem and you don’t want to wait any longer because you know that it could have severe results. This is why it is helpful to know of urgent care locations around where you live so that you know you won’t have to suffer if you are dealing with an ailment and need urgent help.

Across the U.S., urgent care centers act as walk in clinics for people that are suffering from many ailments, such as the common cold, sprained or broken bones, and serious cases of the flu. If you are looking for advanced urgent care, centers are out there to help you in your time of need. Physicians or groups of physicians own about 50% of urgent care centers. Many people are choosing urgent care before any other types of care, with about 1 in 5 centers having more than 450 patients per week!

Why Urgent Care Centers Do So Well

Compared to other methods of care, urgent care locations are getting more attention than ever before! They are quick. According to the Urgent Care Association of America, 57% of patients wait about 15 minutes or less to be seen. About 80% of visits take less than an hour, which suits busy lifestyles or for those times where you just can’t wait. They are also available to you at many times of the week. Some centers are open 24/7. About 45% of centers are even open on Saturdays, and 31% on Sundays. They also tend to rely a significant amount on state of the art technology. About 40% of urgent care centers today use electronic prescription systems to do their ordering, and many more use computerized systems to view lab and imaging results, billing, condition coding, and more.

With many urgent care centers making advancements and putting patients first, there is nothing that you can’t love about these centers that are made to suit your needs when you need seen. Think urgent care the next time you need treatment, and you won’t be disappointed.

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