Why You Should and Shouldn’t Send Your Loved One to Rehab

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Dealing with a loved one who is struggling with an addiction is a very difficult place to be in. Especially if they are in denial about their condition. They probably don’t want to go to drug rehab centres or support groups. There are various ways to deal with someone that doesn’t think that they have a problem. However, before you even start down that road you need to make sure that your intentions are pure. It may seem that there can be no bad intentions when you are trying to put someone in drug rehab centres but unfortunately, there are. Let’s cover a few of the bad reasons and then move on to the good ones.

To Prove a Point
By the time that your loved accepts the fact that they have a problem and goes in to rehab, chances are that you have known about their issue for a long time. It can be tempting to send them to rehab simply to prove a point. The point may be about addicts, drugs or another issue entirely. Whatever the point is, putting your loved one through rehab simply to prove your point is not going to help them in the long run because you are going to come across as patronizing and ‘holier than thou’ to them. They need love and support not skepticism and criticism.

To Be Right
This is similar to making a point. Don’t parade around the fact that you were right about your loved one. You might have other relatives that weren’t willing to see the truth in the beginning. Or maybe you fought regularly with the addict themselves about their condition. Everyone will know you were right. You don’t have to rub it in everyone’s faces.

To Get Rid of Them
This may seem like it would never happen but it does. Family members can sometimes be fearful of their addicted loved one being around their children or other relatives. Shipping them off to rehab, even if it’s against their will might seem like the perfect way to get them away from the family. However, this only promotes prejudice and hate for everyone including yourself and the struggling addict.

Now let’s look at some better reasons to be looking in to drug rehab centres.

To Give Them a Safe Place
Sometimes, when some gets deep in to drug or alcohol abuse, they end up getting into a lot of debt to dangerous people in order to feed their addiction. Being in rehab will ensure that your loved one is safe and protected from anyone that is looking to call in a favor or get paid. It might be a good idea to talk with your loved one, when the time comes, about paying off debt so that they don’t have to live in fear. If this can be done while they are in rehab, they can re-enter the world with a clean slate.

To Help Them Overcome
This is the main reason people should go to rehab; to get over their addiction. Rehab can give them the steps and tools necessary for coming clean and staying clean. In order to truly win the battle, they’ll need your love and support every step of the way.

To Start Fresh
Trying to come clean around people who already know you and your habits can be difficult. If you are going through an inpatient drug rehab process, everyone is in the same boat and no one is going to judge you. This makes it a lot easier to revamp who you are and how you come across.

There are various drug rehab centres around the country that can do a lot of good for your loved one. Make sure that you have the right intentions before you send them off, otherwise you might just be piling on to their problems, as well as your own. Take note that the three incorrect reasons for sending someone to rehab are all about ‘me’ and what ‘I’ want. The three reasons why you should send someone are about the addict and helping them to better their life. Make sure that you are putting your loved one in the prioritized position and not doing it to make yourself feel better.

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