Why You Should Opt for a Private Rehab Center

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Substance abuse costs the Canadian health care system around $8 billion and every year, almost 50,000 Canadians die because of substance abuse. If you’ve been struggling with drug addiction and have taken the big step of seeking help, you and your loved ones might be trying to decide whether to wait for a bed at a government rehab or enter private rehabs. Looking at private rehabs versus government run rehab centers can be extremely helpful for a number of reasons. They may cost a bit more, but you’ll have increased privacy, more personalized attention, and some private rehab centers may have the money to provide cutting edge research and treatment methods that government run rehab centers don’t have just yet. If you’re wondering what to look for in a rehab and why to be checking out private rehabs, simply read on!

Why Look at Private Drug Rehabs?

You’re much more likely to have increased levels of privacy in a private drug rehab program, which can help addicts ease into admitting that they have a problem. Even if you’ve admitted that you need help, it can still be tough to face that truth day after day. You may feel ashamed or weak for admitting that you need help. In a private center, the extra privacy afforded you can help you process the important steps you’re taking without much distraction.

These centers also tend to be smaller, which allows you to receive a more customized plan of treatment and more specific attention. Because these facilities do tend to cost a bit more, the level of care is also expected to be higher, so you’ll likely receive a personalized treatment program that’s based around your situation, needs, and feedback. Family and friends may also be asked to contribute suggestions or ideas, to make sure that the staff is up to date on your history and can put together a good plan for moving forward.

A smaller program also guarantees that you’ll have a more intimate setting with other patients — you’ll get acquainted much more quickly than at a larger setting and often make connections and bonds much faster. Friends made in rehab can last lifetimes and offer a great network and support system both in the center and once you’ve been released.

The amount of attention — both from staff and from other patients — in a private rehab is also much greater. Whether it’s medical staff, counselors, or other experts checking in, your well-being is guaranteed. The physical aspects of detoxification can take a toll on your body and the mental detoxification is just as hard. It’s important to have staff on hand who can help, encourage, advise, and get you through the tough early days of being sober.

Private rehabs also will probably lack the long waiting list that a public rehab center might have. Timing is often of the essence and not having time to change your mind can often be a huge benefit on your path towards sobriety.

What Should I Look For In a Rehab Center?

You should first ask yourself the question: what do I expect from my time in the center? Is simply completing the program enough? What results of recovery do I want to see? Each program tends to measure success a little differently, so find out how they calculate their success rate, and make your decision thusly. Deciding whether you want a short- or long-term program is also important, as that will narrow your search.

You ideally want a program that focuses on other aspects of healthy living and that implements steps to keep yourself sober and making good choices even after you’ve left the program. Learning life skills to keep yourself from going down the same path is crucial to staying sober after you’ve left the center — no matter what the circumstances. If you can, talk with friends and family and see how they feel about the programs you’re considering, as this choice will impact them as well.

Get the help you need with a well established private rehab center and start your journey to a new life.

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