Your Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure Options


Do you have missing, crooked, or stained teeth that affect your confidence levels? A surprising number of Americans are dissatisfied with the condition of their smiles, yet according to an AACD survey, virtually all adults (99.7%) surveyed believe a health smile is socially important. Most believe that a healthy smile is important to social relationships, work situations, and even personal happiness. What are your options though, if you want to improve the look of your smile?

Visit cosmetic dental offices
Regular dentistry, along with cosmetic dental offices has improved over the years. The procedures are safer than ever, require less recovery time, and produce beautiful results. While many cosmetic dentistry procedures can be completed in a regular dental office, cosmetic dental offices generally have a greater variety of options available. Some of the options include braces, invsalign braces, dentures, dental implants, and cosmetic dental veneers. The best cosmetic procedure for your mouth depends on the dental problems that exist. It is best to work with the dentist office on finding a cosmetic procedure that fits your needs and budget.

Consider your options
After you visit with the cosmetic dental offices, you will be left with an abundance of dental information and many options. You will also find that each cosmetic procedure has its own set of pros and cons. You will want to evaluate these pros and cons when choosing the right dental procedure to correct your smile. However, one of the most common dental procedures is implants. Implants are a quick procedure, extremely affordable, and more and more cosmetic dentist are offering the service. Many options exist to replace missing teeth, but only one, dental implants, provides the feel, function, and appearance of natural teeth. In fact, 3 million people currently have implants and that number is growing by 500,000 a year.

Permanent cosmetic solution options
Another reason that dental implants are so common is that they tend to be a more permanent solution to broken or missing teeth. Other cosmetic options are not always permanent solutions. Even procedures like braces or invsalign braces can move back, over the years. Additionally, those who have had braces may be required to wear a retainer at night. Even veneers and cosmetic bonding have to be replaced over time. Work with your cosmetic dentist on choosing a dental solution that will last for the longest period of time.

What can you expect after your procedure?
The good thing about cosmetic dentistry procedures is that they are usually minimally invasive. There is little recovery time and little risk associated with the dental procedures. After everything has healed and the procedure is completely finished, you can expect a smile that you are proud of. You will no longer want to cover your mouth when you are speaking. You will no longer avoid smiling during a photograph. Additionally, you will see an increase in your work and social confidence levels.

With so many successful cosmetic dental procedures available today, it is surprising that there are still so many people unhappy with their smiles. A lack of confidence in your smile can affect both your social and work lives. If you are ready to do something about your smile, work with your local cosmetic dentist?s office on choosing the right procedure for your dental needs.

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