10 Simple Ways to Prevent Burnout

Workplace anger

Approximately one million U.S. employees call in sick or miss work due to workplace stress, according to the American Institute of Stress. Well, did you know that job stress is one of the main signs of burnout? And that burnout is not only a threat to your job but also your overall health? This is a condition that affects the physical, mental and the emotional part of your body. Here are 10 ways to avoid burnout and improve your overall productivity.

1.Relieve yourself from unnecessary commitments
Although you may be proficient in your line work, taking on to many commitments could cause you suffer exhaustion and lack creativity due to work deadlines. Start declining some tasks if it’s in your power, finish up what you have on your plate, and schedule the rest.

2.Seek assistance
Among the 10 ways to avoid burnout, this is perhaps the tough one. The frustration that comes from not being able to complete a given task could result in burnout. If you are having difficulties in certain areas of a project, asking for help may seem like a show of weakness but you’ll get help much faster and also learn in the process.

3.Consider rest brakes at work
Work breaks will help you reenergize your mind and body. A break can mean snacking, short walk, nap or mediation. Or, you can simply engage someone in a funny conversation. It’s believed that laughter is the best medicine for stress management. It also impacts a positive working environment and gives you a sense of appreciation when people laugh at your jokes.

4.Find a hobby
Real burnout can’t be cured with a tea or launch break. Instead, have the weekend to yourself to relieve all the workplace anger and pressure. And what a better way to do that than engaging in hobbies that demands a different set of skills. Try out fishing, hiking, camping, boxing, or enroll in a music class and get to learn how to play different instruments.

5.Switch locations
Being too much comfortable with your workstation is a recipe for burnout, especially for entrepreneurs and freelancers. If you have the freedom to work from anywhere, then it’s recommended to divide your workload into action item groups where you’ll mostly feel and be productive. For instance, you can work from your workstation, switch to a cafe and later one work in a different desk within your office.

6.Aim for progression not perfection
When you work so hard to attain perfection in every work you do, then you are in for a real job burnout. Have personal boundaries to avoid wasting time trying to maximize every job. Struggling to achieve impossible standards will only frustrate you further, ultimately leading to procrastination. Time management is very important. When it’s time to rest. sleep, or exercise, don’t let work hinder you from that.

If you begin to question the value of your existence, consider helping the less fortunate. By offering your service to help out in a children’s home center, hospital or any charitable organization, you’ll get to see life in a different perspective and probably start to appreciate your own. It brightens up your spirit and inspires your life once again. This is among the simplest 10 ways to avoid burnout.

8.Avoid making excuses
An excuse is a good time waster and motivation killer. Instead of blaming someone or find excuses for something you didn’t manage to do, accept responsibility for your own mistakes, then find a solution to that problem. The soon you’ll stop the blame game, the earlier you’ll start to see and appreciate the positives in your life.

Having an accountability partner can help you avoid burnout as well as self-development. Choose someone superior to you and not a family member or a spouse to ensure an objective review.

10.Stay motivated at all cost
People who suffer burnout are mostly tired to stay positive. Their minds are clouded with negative emotions and eat up their strength. Take deep breathes and then channel the negativity into something constructive. The feelings that have been drugging your down will eventually dissipate.

When looking for strategies to improve your morale at work and get you back into a productive rhythm these are the 10 ways to avoid burnout.

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