3 Signs It’s Time to Visit a Pediatric Urgent Care Center

Being a parent means taking on lots of new responsibilities. One of these involves knowing where to take your child when they’re sick. It’s understandable to wonder when to use urgent care versus other treatment options. Here are three signs it’s time to bring your child to an urgent care center for treatment.

  1. Your Child Has a Sore Throat

    A sore throat isn’t always a cause for concern. However, it’s extremely common for children to get strep throat. Making matters worse, this condition is highly contagious. Therefore, it’s a good idea to bring your child to a pediatric urgent care center. In turn, a pediatrician will be able to test your child for strep throat. If this is the case, a pediatrics specialist can prescribe medicine for your child.
  2. You Suspect Your Child Might Have the Flu

    Research shows that the average child will catch anywhere from six to 10 colds each year. However, it’s easy for anyone not specializing in pediatrics to confuse a cold with the flu. That being said, it’s imperative for children with the flu to be seen by a medical specialist. By visiting an urgent care center, medical staff will be able to determine whether your child has a cold or the flu.
  3. Your Pediatrician’s Office is Closed

    As any parent knows, emergencies don’t always take place at convenient times. If your child is sick during the evening, you don’t need to rush to the emergency room. Many parents bring their children to urgent care centers for treatment when their pediatrician’s offices are closed. Research from the Urgent Care Association of America found that about 3 million people visit these centers each week.

In closing, it’s wise to learn when your child needs to visit an urgent care center. By visiting a pediatric urgent care center, you and your child won’t have to wait long. This is because most of these centers maintain short patient wait times. In turn, you won’t have to deal with a crowded emergency room and waiting hours to see a medical professional. Urgent care centers aren’t only for children. A study from 2016 found that, in the two years leading up to this survey, 27% of patients throughout the United States reported visiting an urgent care center. It’s difficult to get through life without getting sick. When this situation happens to your child, consider bringing them to an urgent care center.

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