3 Treatment Options for Dealing With Lower Back Pain

Mild back pain can eventually become more intense. The exact location of the back pain that you’re experiencing may influence the way that you structure your back pain management program. For example, it’s possible that your back only hurts when standing. If that’s true, you may be having issues with your posture.

Changing the way that you sit down can already reduce the back pain that you might experience under these circumstances. If you start using a chair that offers more back support, you may feel less back pain in general.

Other back health issues might be more serious, especially if you’ve hurt yourself recently. Back pain connected to leg injuries is common. A back injury accompanied by numbness in the leg might be caused by nerve damage or irritation. You should tell your physical therapist or doctor about these issues immediately.

Similarly, if you have back pain in the top left side of your body, you may be having problems with your back muscles or spine. You might also have strained some of these muscles at some point. Resting your back can help. Still, it’s possible that your back health concerns could be connected to a more serious medical issue that needs to be addressed.

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It’s common for someone to have a sore back on certain occasions. That being said, many people live with what is known as chronic back pain. It’s imperative that those experiencing frequent back pain are able to find the relief they’re so desperately searching for. It’s understandable to feel confused regarding where to go to seek treatment from back problems. With that in mind, here are three types of facilities to seek treatment for while dealing with lower back pain.

  1. Medical Care Clinics

    In many cases, a proper medical evaluation and treatment are needed in order to begin treating your back pain. You’ll find that it’s wise to visit a medical care clinic while dealing with back problems. In fact, statistics show that there nearly 20,000 physicians practicing this form of medicine. This means that you’ll receive professional care from someone who helps others with their back issues. In addition, 85% of urgent medical care centers are open every day of the week, making this a convenient treatment option for those with busy schedules. In fact, statistics gathered from the Urgent Care Association of America found that nearly 3 million patients visit these facilities each week.
  1. Physical Therapy

    If you’ve found that initial recommendations are still leaving you in pain, it might time to seek out other solutions. In many cases, physicians from medical care clinics might refer a patient to a known physical therapist. Physical therapy might sound intense but it’s extremely beneficial in order to stop you from living with pain. A typical physical therapy program will have you working with a therapist that will understand and work to treat your back problems.
  1. Possible Surgery

    You might find that your back pain still persists after visiting an urgent care center and completing physical therapy. In this case, an urgent care physician will be likely to refer you out to a surgeon in order for you to get the help you need. While surgery might seem like the last option you’ll want to consider, it’s definitely worth thinking about. It’s important to remember that many people who lived with back pain were finally able to get the relief they needed after have back surgery performed. With that in mind, a surgeon will be able to discuss what is causing your back pain and possible surgical treatment options.

To summarize, there are several types of treatment you’ll want to consider in order to effectively treat back pain. Many people visit medical care clinics in order to seek relief from their back problems. These medical care centers are extremely convenient and can accurately diagnose and treat most types of back pain. That being said, certain situations might have you referred out to a physical therapist. If the previous options are unable to correct your back problems, it’s wise to start considering surgery to rid you of back pain once and for all.

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