Common Issues Handled At Urgent Care Clinics

Marysville walk in clinic

When was the last time you looked for the top doctors in your area? Maybe you were asked to provide a recommendation for someone new moving to town or perhaps were advised to see a specialist after visiting a general health clinic. Whatever the reason might have been, it is always good to know where your local doctors are located and which ones you feel the most comfortable with. This is especially true if you have children that are prone to illnesses. Below are just three common reasons people visit the top doctors in their area:

Back Pain – Nearly 70 percent of Americans deal with lower back pain on a daily basis, yet only 40 percent of those people never choose to visit a doctor or physical therapist to get help. Back pain can be debilitating and take away from your quality of life. From walking to sleeping and even sitting in a chair, back pain causes major issues. If you are dealing or have dealt with chronic back pain, don’t hesitate to visit with some top doctors in your area about what sort of help you may need. They may recommend medication or they may even recommend meeting with a physical or occupational therapist.

Respiratory Issues – The most common diagnosis in urgent care clinics today is an upper respiratory condition. For many patients the symptoms of an upper respiratory condition may start off as what feels like a cold: runny nose, congestion, and even a cough. Things really start to worsen when the congestion moves into the chest area and affects breathing and the cough really intensifies. This diagnosis, especially during cold and flu season is absolutely something that the top doctors in your area see on a weekly, maybe even daily basis.

Blood Work – Another reason that people visit doctors offices or urgent care clinics is to get blood work done. Blood work can be a requirement of some employers or for some people just an annual check on how things are working in their body. Blood work can check for cholesterol levels, thyroid issues, diabetes, and more. If you have a hereditary condition that you feel you should have checked on a regular basis, it is likely that you would need blood work to do so.

Over 3 million Americans visit urgent care clinics every single week for a variety of reasons. They are convenient, affordable, and typically have flexible hours. Don’t be fooled by the common myth that urgent care centers only help with colds, coughs, and sore throats. Many urgent care centers can handle larger ailments like fractures, rashes, abscess, and the flu. If you have a health concern and don’t want to pay the large costs of an emergency room, seek the help of some local top doctors at your nearby urgent care. You’ll be glad you did!

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