4 Questions You Absolutely Should Ask Your Obgyn

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According to two Boston-area physicians, social media has created a unique problem for patient/doctor relationships: certain controversies are impacting what doctors say to their patients, and how patients evaluate their healthcare options.

According to Medpagetoday.com, procedures such as hysteroscopic tubal sterilization, power morcellation, and mesh implants have experienced so much controversy on social media and by regulatory agencies that many doctors may feel pressure not to prescribe them — even in cases where they seem to be the clear best option for the patient.

If you?re going to an obgyn, you may wonder what sort of questions you should be asking, especially if you haven?t been going regularly in the past. A doctor will explain to you the importance of routine check ups! Here?s a list of questions to ask an obgyn for the next time you go.

What?s the Right Birth Control for Me?

Be warned: some obgyns have clear preferences when it comes to birth control, that may not reflect what works best for your situation. If you?re good at keeping a schedule, birth control pills — taken once a day — may be the right choice for you. For those who get busy and forget — or lose! — their pills, then options like injections or IUDs may make more sense. IUDs, for example, are inserted once and then typically have a near perfect birth prevention rate for about five years. If you have multiple partners, using a condom is always advisable to prevent STDs.

Why Don?t I Have a Higher Libido?

Many women may feel uncomfortable discussing sex with their doctors, but in fact you should definitely be having this conversation with your obgyn if it?s relevant. If you?re frequently uncomfortable, for example, your obgyn may be able to suggest solutions. If your libido is frequently low no matter what, your obgyn may suggest switching to another form of birth control, or experimenting with low doses of hormone supplements.

Can You be My Doctor for a Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is an important time to have a routine doctor because there are two bodies to take care of — and your body will be undergoing some extreme changes. Not every obgyn doctor has time to take on pregnant patients, though, so if this is something you see happening in the near future, it?s worth having a conversation about. Finding an obgyn for handling a pregnancy can take some time so it?s better to know beforehand what your current options are, if possible.

Questions to Ask an Obgyn: Am I Comfortable With You?

There are a lot of questions to ask an obgyn worth considering: ultimately, finding a doctor you’re comfortable with is key. Otherwise, you may have the best outpatient services at your fingertips, but you’re going to be too shy to ask for them!

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