4 Tips for Finding the Right Abdominal Hernia Belt for You

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If you have a hernia, you are by no means alone. A hernia exists whenever human body tissue finds its way into an area where it does not belong. For example, when the stomach protrudes up into the esophagus, it is called a hiatal hernia. Many people seek out help for abdominal wall hernias with an abdominal hernia belt.

What is an abdominal hernia? How many people get it?

This occurs when a part of the colon or intestine pushes its way through the abdominal wall. These are incredibly common. This issue is one of the most common things that sends people to the operating room. It has been estimated that about 2% of men will have one in their lifetime. In the United States, some experts have said that about 15% of the population has one. That means that at least 20 million abdominal hernias are found and repaired surgically each year worldwide. That amounts to about 700,000 of these surgeries in the United States every year.

Getting the right abdominal hernia may seem like a daunting task. When people are dealing with sensitive issues like needing stoma covers for laryngectomy or adult diapers for sale, many people do not want to ask for assistance. Here are the steps you should take to find a good abdominal hernia belt for your needs.

  1. Make sure you have a hernia. While these are very common, you should talk with your family doctor before you start looking at abdominal hernia belts. Many people go online and look for their symptoms to help them self diagnose their problem. While the internet has a lot of great tools and you can find useful information about the state of your health, it is no substitute for talking to a trained physician. You may get some comfort from the support the belt offers but you really should talk to your doctor and make sure this is the problem that you have.
  2. Think about your lifestyle. This means you should think about everything you do every day. How active are you at work? How much exercise do you get? If you lead a more active lifestyle, there are abdominal hernia belts that will work better for you. If you have a more sedentary lifestyle, there are different abdominal hernia belts that can work well for you. You should also think about the climate you live in. If you are super active and live in the southern United States, you may not want a heavy abdominal hernia belt because you would be too uncomfortable. On the other hand, if you spend a lot of time in front of a computer and live in Duluth, Minnesota, you may want a heavier belt.
  3. Consider the location and size of your hernia. Again, you should consult with your doctor to get the size and location of your hernia as this can directly impact the kind of abdominal hernia belt you end up buying and using. It is not enough to know the kind of hernia that you have. If your hernia is located further down in your abdomen, you will not need as wide of a belt. If your hernia is large and located higher up in the abdomen, you will need a larger belt to help give you the support that you want for your hernia.
  4. Your doctor can be a great resource to help you find the right abdominal hernia belt. They have experience helping other people who have had the same problem and may know right away what kind of equipment would be the best for you and your situation. Take advantage of their knowledge, experience and expertise when making your decision.

While getting an abdominal hernia belt will make you feel better and help you deal with having this kind of hernia, it is not a cure. While you may not need surgery, the The Journal of the American Medical Association recently published a study showing not all hernias do, you may. This is more often the case when you have symptoms that are from the hernia that you have suffered. A good belt can make the “wait and see” approach easier.



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