An Interview With Dr. Sophia W. Barnes, Owner and Optometrist at Vision Corner in Houston, TX

Vision Corner has provided comprehensive eye care and expertise for 26 years to the Houston community. We are speaking with Dr. Sophia W. Barnes, who is an optometrist as well as the owner of Vision Corner, to learn about the driving talent and passion behind it all.

Hello, Dr. Barnes. What kind of education and training do the doctors at your clinic have?

Our doctors all graduated from University of Houston College of Optometry (UHCO) which is the number one optometry school nationwide. Vision Corner has been open for over 26 years now, with our Post Oak (Galleria) clinic being open over 17 years.

And what about yourself?

I did an optometric degree. This followed a passionate desire to help and exceed patient expectations, which requires the knowledge, expertise and background to make this happen.

Very true. In your quest to exceed patient expectations, has anything posed difficulty for the business?

A mistake we made was accepting the wrong vision plans that do not allow us to control quality. We no longer accept those plans.

Was this decision a reflection of your original plans for Vision Corner?

Yes, ultimately our business plan was to be the best optometrists for patients in Houston. We constantly pursue this goal and so we are a continued work in progress. This means we are always changing and adapting to meet our patients needs while using the latest in optometric technology.

Vision Corner has two locations in Houston, TX and can be reached at 5000 Westheimer Suite 590 Houston, Texas 77056. For more information, visit or call 281-799-0031.

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