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The rules for a drinking game involving the second Presidential debate made its way through social media more than a week ago. Whether the version you saw involved a bingo board or just a series of shot glasses, Americans seemed to be attempting to devise a way to deal with the constant reference to the candidates most used statements, especially their campaign slogans. Make American Great Again and Stronger Together topped the list of phrases to listen for, but When they go high, we go low, as well as WRONG! were also added to the list.
By the time the third and final debate rolled around, however, a new trend seemed to stretch its way across the internet and social media. Instead of encouraging a wine drinking game this time, however, several posts encouraged debate listeners to listen for the phrases with a different goal in mind. Aimed at the growing number of Americans who follow a piyo eating plan, this unique approach to dealing with a stressful election cycle. Consider the following suggestions:

  • Rigged! Named the Anguished Elephant, this relaxing yoga pose begins by kneeling on your hands and knees and holding a flat back flat. While slowly inhaling, the belly drops while the chest is tilted toward the ceiling. Exhale, and raise the back rise until it?s flat again.
  • Deleted emails. Called the Everlasting Email this debate yoga position starts with the participant facedown with the tops of feet on the floor and palms down with bent elbows. Push the floor away until arms are straight and the upper body is lifted from floor.
  • Paid to speak. Named the Secret Speech, this position begins with the debate listener starting in a standing position. After first raising the arms, exhale and bend the knees until thighs are parallel to the floor. For an extra challenge attempt to hold this pose as long as possible anytime someone asks how Clinton?s paid talks to Wall Street bankers keep her aligned to the quest of the working class.
  • Low popularity ratings. Cleverly named the Downward Donkey, this position starts by getting on hands and knees with a flat back. After exhaling and rounding the back toward the ceiling, hold the position for as long as you can. A good goal might be one second for each approval rating. This should not actually require too long of an effort.

The list goes on, but the point is clear after only looking at these four: in a time when the stress of the debates is greater than normal, viewers continue looking for ways to endure these televised events. The piyo eating plan group and other health enthusiasts simply decide to try a healthier approach than a drinking game.
Fitness Plans Combined with a Piyo Eating Plan Can Produce Results
A combination of Pilates and yoga, piyo workouts continue to grow in popularity. Taking the next step and following a piyo eating plan is also gaining more followers. The decision to find a way to lose weight and start a more healthy lifestyle is in response to a scary trend in America. The most current statistics indicate that fewer than 5% of adults participate in 30 minutes of physical activity on a daily basis. This statistic is just one of the reasons that only 20% of adults meet the Centers for Disease Control Physical Activity Guidelines when it comes to both aerobic physical and muscle-strengthening activities.
The decision to pursue healthier eating and exercise habits is the decision to take control. From the person who simply wants to tone their already fit body to the person who really needs to shed some weight, an approach that combines healthy eating and increases exercise is wise. Rather than following a highly restrictive diet that will not become a habit, the most healthy individuals make smart lifestyle choices.
The top fitness programs employ transformative efforts that encourage their followers make eating and exercising choices that will continue for a lifetime. When the diets and the exercise plans help people not only lose weight, but keep that weight off, success is finally claimed. Getting ready to make a life change requires the determination to start, perhaps during a stressful Presidential debate.

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