Make the After Hours Urgent Care Your New Go-To

Emergency room physician

When mothers were typically home with their children during the day, taking them to the doctor during normal business hours was hardly a problem. However, many children are now raised by two working parents or in a single-parent household where the parent works. This makes it increasingly difficult for parents to get their kids to the doctor during normal business hours, and many doctors, despite the clear need for it, still do not offer after hours appointments.

This is where one can benefit from an after hours urgent care. When you need to get yourself or your child into see a doctor but you can’t coordinate with your family doctor, you can use an after hours urgent care center as your go-to for common problems.

There are always those situations where you’re sure you already know the problem, but you need treatment that can only be provided through a doctor. This could include strep throat, a urinary tract infection, swimmer’s ear, bug bites, pink eye, allergies, etc. There are a wide range of problems that can be treated at an urgent care clinic and save you the time and effort of having to take off work to get into your primary care physician.

These are problems that aren’t serious enough to warrant a trip to the emergency room but need treated as soon as possible. Urgent care doctors are also ideal for minor injuries that can’t wait; strained muscles, sprained ankles, minor cuts or burns. Once again, it may not be serious enough that you want to go to the emergency room, but you also can?t wait for your primary care physician to fit you into their already overbooked schedule.
After hour urgent care clinics also don?t require appointments, so you can decide last minute to go or to not go. You don’t have to worry about canceling an appointment or getting charged for not showing up. Urgent care centers give the patient the power to decide.

Urgent care centers typically have shorter wait times than emergency rooms. They even have shorter wait times than some doctor?s offices. They are manned by real physicians, who can call in prescriptions when needed. There is no need to wait until the order can be approved by a doctor or having to wait for a follow-up appointment with a real doctor.

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