Asking if Marijuana is Addictive is Not as Simple as Yes or No

Marijuana recovery

There is a lot of debate and research that is intended to answer the question, “is marijuana addictive?” While there are some individuals who say both yes and no, all agree that the drug is very prevalent today, since, in the last year, more than 25 million Americans have smoked it. Luckily, there have been lots of studies done to help people asking “is marijuana addictive?” While they are likely to find information and opinions that say different things, they will likely be able to make their own informed decision.

While not everybody can accurately answer is marijuana addictive, many look for advice about how to quit smoking pot because quitting has many adverse symptoms. A Duke University study of nearly 500 smokers who tried to quit discovered that over 95 percent experienced at least one withdrawal symptom, and 43.1 percent experienced more than one. Although the symptoms vary in strength and seriousness, the most common symptom reported by former marijuana users in the early days of abstinence is simply cravings. The face that these symptoms exist might suggest that the answer to is marijuana addictive, is, quite simply, yes.

Because the question, “is marijuana addictive?” has such a complex answer, individuals looking to do so might want to check out lots of resources in order to come up with their own answer. While many can find lots of useful information in marijuana books, others might look for credible online sources that can provide a wide range of facts and opinions about the issue. Beyond that, many people can simply ask a friend or relative for advice that leads to the answer of, “is marijuana addictive?” Whatever the case, spending time researching that question can be a very worthwhile process.

Even though the early drafts of the U.S. Declaration of Independence were written on paper that was made from hemp, that is hardly the only use for the marijuana plant today. Because so many people smoke it, many want to learn how to quit smoking marijuana and find out “is marijuana addictive?” especially since a study by the American Journal of Epidemology concluded that smokers are far more likely to develop psychotic symptoms than non smokers. Although many different individuals and sources are likely to have a different response, evaluating many of them and forming a unique answer to, “is marijuana addictive?” can be a good way for someone to break their own habits.

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