Guarding Against a Catheter Related Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary tract infection foley catheter

Patients suffering from a catheter related urinary tract infection should consult a doctor to find out what should be done to reduce or alleviate the pain. Bladder infection from a catheter is not very common, since self catheter supplies and self catheterization supplies has reduced the number of infections suffered by most people over the years. The catheter itself is credited with having reduced infections significantly.

David Sheridan invented the disposable catheter. This catheter which paved the way for foley catheter supplies and medicare catheter supplies, is credited with having greatly reduced the number of infections over what had previously been the case. When rubber tubes were reused as catheters, they lead to higher chances of infection, the spread of disease and death. But while catheter infection is significantly less than those related to the previous rubber tubes, catheter related urinary tract infection still occurs.

There are a range of polymers which are used for catheters. However, there are latex free catheters also for patients who are sensitive to latex. These include silicone rubber, latex and thermoplastic elastomers. The type of catheter known as Foley Catheters were designed in Boston MA by a surgeon known as Frederic Foley. He developed these in the 1930s.

Patients who have a catheter inserted should be on the lookout for signs of a catheter related urinary tract infection. Catheters may not be particularly dangerous, but people who use them still have to be vigilante about the chances of having a catheter related urinary tract infection. Catheters have to be inserted all the time. Falls and sport related injuries account for one quarter of all spinal injuries. And it is for this reason that it is important to be on guard against the sort of injuries which could contribute to prolonging the pain more than is necessary. Read more like this.

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