Could TMS Therapy Be the Right Treatment For Your Depression?

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The top signs of depression include feeling tired or fatigued, losing interest in things that were once very important to you, and persistent feelings of guilt, longing, anxiety, hopelessness, or pessimism. The signs of depression do differ from person to person, however, and some people have more critical cases of depression than others.

For the most part, treatment for depression usually includes antidepressant medications or counseling services. The latter can often be very expensive, as counselors often require regular meetings, and the former is usually undesirable because of the adverse effects (such as loss of libido, weight gain, or sedation). Interestingly enough, an alternative treatment for depression that has fewer negative side effects is TMS therapy.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy was recently approved by the FDA as a treatment for depression. TMS is a treatment in which a coil is placed on the scalp in order to generate a magnetic field to stimulate targeted neurons in the brain which can help to alleviate symptoms of depression.

TMS is a great treatment for the top signs of depression because it is very safe and effective. Generally, TMS therapy is over in as little as four to six weeks, and patients meet with a doctor for about 40 minutes a day within those four to six weeks. As the most negative side effect is discomfort at the site of administration, TMS has been shown to be far more enjoyable and comfortable as a solution to alleviating symptoms of depression.

Of the roughly 10,000 clinical trials involving TMS therapy, less than 5 percent of participants discontinued treatment due to adverse effects. At the end of the day, transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy can help to treat the top signs of depression and help those suffering from depressive disorders to get their lives back and experience happiness again. More like this.

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