Difficulty Affording Your Required Medical Supplies?

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The medical industry can be extremely expensive. This is especially true if you have a chronic medical condition or if you require a regular supply of medical items. Some seniors who are dealing with multiple health conditions may even find it impossible to cover copays, medications, and medical supplies. Fortunately, there are many ways to ensure that you have access to all of your medical needs, for a discounted or even free price.

Low income subsidiary programs
Because many seniors are on a discretionary income, meaning that their income remains the same month after month, the added costs of medications and medical supplies can be overwhelming. If you are considered to be low income, there are medical subsidiary and supplement insurance providers available. For a minimal fee, these insurance providers will cover any insurance gaps that you may have in your regular health insurance. These supplemental insurance programs cover many of the extras including extension tubing, free catheters, and sometimes reduced medications.

Free samples from your physician
Physicians often have access to many free samples. Pharmaceutical companies provide physicians with these samples so they can extend their product awareness. Physicians are expected to give these products to their patients. Requesting free medical supply samples, like free extension tubing and catheter free samples, is a great way to receive the items you need, without having to pay high fees.

Medical trial programs
New pharmaceuticals are constantly released to the market. However, until a specific number of patients have tried the medication, it cannot be released to the public. There are often numerous trials, meaning that getting in on one of the last trials is actually low risk. You can receive needed medications and supplies for free, all for offering your opinions and thoughts about a new medication or medical product. One of the most common needed medical items is catheters and extension tubing accessories. In 2008 alone, the world market for urinary continence care devices of all kinds (mainly catheters and pads) was estimated to be US $1.8 billion per year.

Frequent member discounts
Some medical supply stores offer frequent member discounts. You simply sign up with the store or medical supplier and every time you make a purchase, you hand them your membership card. They track your visits and spending and after a certain amount is spent, you begin to receive membership benefits. Urinary incontinence increases with age from 14% in individuals aged 65 to 69 years to 45% in those aged 85 years or over. Simply purchasing catheters and extension tubing supplies on a regular basis can qualify you for frequent member discounts.

Brand specific discounts
Sometimes, specific pharmaceutical companies will also offer discounts or free samples to their patients. If you have been a loyal and consistent patient of a specific brand for many years, you may qualify for these discounts. Simply reach out to them and see if they have any member programs or if they have any free samples available. You might be surprised at the level of acceptance they have for these types of requests. They want to keep you as a loyal customer and giving you a couple items for free is worth it.

Many seniors are on a non flexible budget. Yet, their medical conditions worsen and they require more and more medical supplies and medications. If you do your research and keep your eyes open for discount opportunities, you will find that you can still get the medications and supplies that you need, all in a budget that you can afford.

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